Eternal Sunshine For The Changing Minds

Eternal Sunshine for the Changing Minds

Peter F Drucker, the father of modern management said, ‘‘everybody has accepted by now that change is unavoidable. But that still implies that is like death and taxes. It should be postponed as long as possible and no change would be vastly preferable. But in a period of upheaval, such as the one we are living in, change is the norm.”

Accepting the above stated fact, wholeheartedly, is half the battle won for corporate bigwigs and professionals. It’s up to them to learn this bitter truth the hard way or the easy way. When change management would be seamlessly woven into the project management, the results would definitely reap rich benefits for the organization.

You may ask why so much weight age is given to change management, cant organizations flourish without this, when they already have dozens of management structures for the smooth functioning for their business. And the one would answer would be ‘change’. Do we behave in the same manner everyday? No. Because each day brings in different sets of challenges, fear, joys, etc for us. And our behavior pattern changes accordingly.

For example, if XYZ is a software company and its clients seek for a change due to the problems faced with the existing software, which has got obsolete. Now if proper steps are taken to satisfy the client then the company would not lose its client, and their business will not be affected. But if the client’s wants are not fulfilled, the company will be soon swimming in troubled water.

Now, in order to follow the basic principle of business, which is to make profit, the organizations will have to imply change management. Because the degree of changes required in this type of cases are not petty. It not only involves the restructuring of system but it also affects the lives of people.

Changes have to be managed. Changes are to be managed in a systematic fashion. If these are not done properly, not only the organizations operative cost will go up, resulting in loss, but also its brand name will suffer.

We believe that changes can be infused easily, then why such a hue and cry about change, ‘change management’? Changes are easy when it is easily understood, accepted, and implemented successfully. These are the pillars of change management. Many organizations seem to overlook or dismiss this. But they realize their folly when their sales plummets and losses are sky high.

Change management deals with reaction for those changes, over which the organization has almost no control. When multi-dimensional changes takes place, such as system re-engineering, decentralization of management, acquisition, it not only leads to the change of work, job functions, compensation structure for employees, but also the interactions between the various members of the team. So as we see these tasks cannot be executed successful, if the changes are not managed. Change management clubbed with project management, would spell success for organizations.

Apprehensions, resistance, fear of failure, dissatisfaction, dearth or excessive expectation serve as a dampener, in change management these are the hindrances which have to be overcome by the organization, by implementing suitable strategies, communicating well with the employees, convincing them about the new method of work, implementation of profit related goals, keeping up vigil eye on the competitive market.

With the help of change management, organizations can make foray into different markets, exist in the same competitive market, and make profits, handle critical situations, and make sure that maximum damage control is done. And hence, there will be eternal sunshine for the changing minds for their endeavor to accept and manage the consequences of change, which will enhance the growth of the organization.

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