Quality Function Development (QFD): Translating Customer Demands

Can you get a better understanding of customer demands using the Quality Function Development (QFD) process? Understanding the true needs of the customer can be a touchy process. Typically, business tends to focus on the negatives. Their operational focus is like putting out fires, responding to negative feedback and complaints. Wouldn’t it be nice to be proactive when dealing with customers rather than placing all of the focus into fighting fires?

Understanding Achieved Through Quality Function Development (QFD)

By using the Quality Function Development (QFD) process, businesses can achieve a better understanding of what their customers really need. It is often referred to as listening to the voice of the customer. This is a structured method for translating customer requirements into appropriate technical requirements for each stage of product development and production. Traditionally, we are defining customer needs strictly from the viewpoint of whether there is a ‘defect’ or if they are receiving ‘poor’ service. These considerations are important, but only to a point. Using the QFD method, we are allowing an exploration of the customer, gaining more accurate insights of what the customer is thinking. Using the QFD process, you can actually create a more engaging and exciting interaction for both the business and the customer alike. Wouldn’t it be fun to engage with the customer at that level? When properly engaged, the QFD can make gaining customer insights a fun process for everyone involved.

The Advantages of QFD

The process of using QFD allows a business to break the molds of typical customer service. You can engage with customers on a personal level and gain valuable insights that can be a real eye opener. Changing the energy and focus of your current policy can easily be achieved when using a properly structured and engaged QFD process. Learn to appreciate and understand your customers at a whole different level.

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