5S event (3-5 days) – Interested in getting immediate results and benefits in an area or department, without having to learn a bunch of Lean terminology or tools? 5S events are a great way to get work spaces organized and decluttered, and the results are immediate, which builds excitement from the team to take on future improvements. This goes beyond “spring cleaning,” as we walk your team through the 5 steps (5S) for organization. At the end of the event, the team will be through the Sweep, and will have some standardization in place, along with a draft of the sustainment plan.

  • Sort – Remove items that aren’t needed often from the area
  • Straighten – Organize the remaining items based on frequency of use, make it easy to find and put away
  • Sweep – Clean the area, so you have a good starting point
  • Standardize – Develop consistent labeling, signage, terminology, and rules to follow
  • Sustain – Maintain the improvements over time

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