Quality Six Sigma Style is Important on Many Levels

Quality control in Six Sigma is an ongoing endeavor and requires a mindset of having a success rate of 99.9997%. This requires consistent monitoring for defects, waste, and variation using specific Lean Six Sigma tools, such as:

Now let’s talk about what creates a habit. A habit consists of the cue, the behavior, and the reward. Since quality in Six Sigma has a strong emphasis on the customer or Voice of Customer (VOC), let’s see why it is important to always be checking in with that customer. Depending on what line of business you’re in, your biggest challenge is always going to be change.

Do you remember the company MCI? They were the second largest long-distance provider back in the day. We won’t get into all of the issues MCI went through, but let’s touch on why it is important you always monitor and check with how your business is doing and what your customer’s requirements are because things change. Remember what used to work may not anymore. 

Once upon a time, being a long-distance telephone provider was a great gig, but times change. There were many issues that led to their demise. If consistent monitoring had been done, the first sign of trouble would have been caught early enough.

To leave this section on a good note, on February 14, 2005, Verizon Communications acquired MCI for $7.6 billion. There were other acquisitions that came along as well, but today Verizon Wireless has adopted a Six Sigma culture within the company and is currently number 2 in the list of top ten telecom companies in the United States.

Note: Verizon Wireless merged with many companies to create the existing Verizon Wireless.

Quality is important, but in the world of Six Sigma, it’s at its core. To maintain a high level of quality, VOC has to be the prime focus once you’ve obtained that customer. At the beginning, before you’ve obtained that customer, make sure the quality is there, and make your business their habit.

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