[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

The proven record of Six Sigma speaks for itself. There isn’t anything in the Six Sigma methodology that is theoretical. As shown in the below infographic, General Electric saved $12 billion after implementing Six Sigma. Check out the 5 important benefits of Six Sigma implementation:

Understanding the Foundation: DMAIC

The foundation of the Six Sigma methodology is the DMAIC process. This is designed to obtain valuable information on what you need to improve all aspects of your business or service.

D-Define: First, in this stage you want to clearly define the problem or issue plus your objectives and goals. Therefore, include any detail associated with clarification of both issues and objectives.

M-Measure: Get current performance baseline. So, collect pertinent data that will establish what needs to be done to get improvement needed.

A-Analyze: List and prioritize the possible root causes of the issue. Detailed process maps can be created to find the exact location of the root cause.

I-Improve: Finally, Identify creative solutions for the issue you are trying to improve.  Focus on the easiest and simplest solutions.

C-Control: In this step you want to sustain the improvements. Make a control chart, monitor the new and improved process and update new data.

In conclusion, when working with Six Sigma, expect a marked improvement from the simplest of tools and techniques. Major companies like General Electric use Six Sigma methodologies with great success. The same can happen for your own business.

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