Experience Makes Six Sigma Training Priceless

Six Sigma Training

How important is work experience and on the job training when potential employers look at candidates for a particular position? You can say it is very important!

Let us start with an example of two college students at rival schools. Both are exceptional students, exceptional human beings with extra-curricular activities to show that they can handle what’s on their plate and then some. However, only one has done internships during her college career. Which one will get a hired quicker, and why?

The answer is the student who has had those internships, which adds up to on the job training that equals experience. In this same vein, experience is also makes our Six Sigma instructors the best around. Real world applications are much different than just book learned, which has been shown by our success rate.

Experience Included in Our Six Sigma Training Green Belt Program

Our Six Sigma trainingSix Sigma Green Belt course is taught by true specialists, Master Black Belt instructors who have lived and worked in the Six Sigma methodology and have arrived at their current  expert status. Our instructors have real world experience with major companies.

Most Six Sigma courses don’t offer the experience to their students. Our 4-week course includes taking the students on actual real world examples that they have to process and solve.

This experience is reflected in our teaching, and solidifies the student’s knowledge. It also helps create a better environment for the student. When knowledge is combined with real world experience, the information isn’t abstract anymore.

Another unique factor is the last two weeks of our Green Belt course offers a “Black Belt After Green Belt” component. This is so members from the same company can attend the training together even if they are working towards different belt levels. This creates a team synergy that has proven very successful.

Visit our Six Sigma training schedule on to see if we will be in your city next. See you there! offers both Live Virtual classes as well as Online Self-Paced training. Most option includes access to the same great Master Black Belt instructors that teach our World Class in-person sessions. Sign-up today!

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