Capability Analysis: Understand the Variables

The Capability Analysis offers a method of understanding variables or limitations of process performance. Every project has performance limits and variances that will be acceptable to the customer. Align the process variables to ensure they meet customer expectations to determine the value of the process.

The Value of Capability Analysis

The true capability of a process can be determined by comparing the width of the process spread to the width of the specification spread. This defines the maximum amount of variation allowed based on customer requirements. When a process is capable, the process spread is smaller than the specification spread. When the process is centered and within the specifications, it is more capable of consistently producing product that meets customer expectations. Additionally, the capability analysis estimates the proportion of product that does not meet specifications. The benefits, of course, is that it offers a key measure of performance that is easily translated in a visual representation that is applicable across all industries. Capability Analysis is an excellent tool to demonstrate the extent of an improvement made to a process. It summarizes a significant amount of information simply, showing the capability of a process and the extent of improvement needed.

Applying The Value

The results of using the capability analysis are crucial to the success of your project. It focuses your efforts from ‘meeting’ established requirements of a project to implementing true quality improvements in a process. Capability Analysis is a valuable tool across the Lean Six Sigma practice, and the tool is typically available on various platforms, to include Minitab.

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