The Importance of Implementing Six Sigma Correctly

When a company decides to implement Six Sigma, first and foremost they need to follow the entire protocol of Six Sigma. In other words, don’t skip and go right to what you think is important — all of it is important. Skip any one part and failure will ensue.

For example, if in all your ambition to fix your company’s processes you skip your staff’s morale and the importance of leadership among your staff, the unity of the team and loyalty won’t be there. Without that loyalty and team unity, you will fail at implementing Six Sigma.

In fact, skip any part and it isn’t Six Sigma. Now don’t get this confused with using a specific Six Sigma tool. You can use a specific tool such as the 5 Whys to do a quick fix on a specific issue, and you will see fast results dealing with that issue.

What we are talking about is doing what the Fortune 500 companies do when they make Six Sigma methodology a way of life at their company.

Every Staff Member Is Important

Having a supervisor that is actually involved in the day-to-day operations and asks for your opinion at meetings because you’re the one who works closely with the customers will raise morale, increase production, and lower absenteeism.

We have seen companies that create protocols without rhyme or reason only to change that protocol the following week. A supervisor or manager who is far removed from the day-to-day tasks usually makes these protocols.

Six Sigma will not fail if implemented correctly. If you are going to implement Six Sigma at your company, do it right because if you don’t then it’s not Six Sigma you’re implementing.

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