The Five Whys - Root Cause Analysis in Six Sigma

The Five Whys: Understanding the Root Cause of a Problem

Is your company using Six Sigma to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and minimize variation? Six Sigma has been a proven success for many businesses around the world dealing with similar problems. But where do these issues come from? How do they arise? And most importantly why? Six Sigma DMAIC teaches you to Define, Measure, Analyze, […]

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Go! Manage your Six Sigma project

Go: Guide to Running a Successful Six Sigma Project

This article is the third in our three-part series to help you achieve the best results using Six Sigma. You can read the previous two articles here. Now, go! You’ve made your plans and assembled your team, but what comes next is not always as easy (or as difficult!) as it may first appear. The […]

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Make the Best Use of DoE

How to Make the Best Use of DoE (Design of Experiments)

Six Sigma represents a vast collection of tools that can be used for improving the way your company does business. One of the most popular and powerful is a DOE. Let’s take a look at how to get the most from this incredible tool. Begin with Your Factors in Mind: You can’t do a successful […]

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Lean in with Six Sigma

Lean In: How to Gather Support for Six Sigma in Your Company

Are you prepared to advocate and fully support Lean Six Sigma? If yes, how do you know? If no, how you reach that stage? These questions can be tiresome and their answers difficult to pin down. We’re here to make things easy for you. Today we will help you get ready for Lean Six Sigma (or recognize […]

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DoE - Business Process

How Design of Experiment (DoE) can boost your Business?

Introduction In fast pace digital world where business has gone even more competitive and risky, the need is of predictable strategic methodologies. Design of Experiment (DOE) is one such strategic method that provides strategists a road map to condition their business process. It is a systematic method to improve business activity. How it happens, how […]

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DoE - Design of Experiments

Step-by-Step Guide to DoE (Design of Experiments)

DOE or Design of experiments helps identify the various factors that affect the productivity and the outcomes of a particular process or a design. The individual influence of the factors as well as the interactive power of these factors to influence the outcome comes to light through an efficient design of experiment. The trial and […]

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Get Planning! Six Sigma is a great tool for project success.

On Your Marks: Planning a Successful Six Sigma Project

This article is the first in our three-part series to help you achieve the best results using Six Sigma. Today we focus on planning a successful Six Sigma project. You can read parts 2 and 3 here. Now, on your marks . . .   If you’re new to Six Sigma, or just want to […]

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5 benefits six sigma implementation

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

The proven record of Six Sigma speaks for itself. There isn’t anything in the Six Sigma methodology that is theoretical. As shown in the below infographic, General Electric saved $12 billion after implementing Six Sigma. Check out the 5 important benefits of Six Sigma implementation: Understanding the Foundation: DMAIC The foundation of the Six Sigma methodology […]

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It's tempting to let improvements speed by, but don't lose control!

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: C – Control Your Project

This article is the final part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Control within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. If you’ve stuck with us so far, congratulations! If you’re new… go back and read the rest of this series! We are taking a deep-dive into […]

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Essential to the Improve phase of DMAIC, PDCA is the primary gauge of improvement rollout success.

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: I – Improve Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the fourth part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Improve within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. Day four now sees us approaching the end of our DMAIC in focus series. Today, we will be looking at how to improve ourselves, and our projects, […]

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Unsung Hero Six Sigma Business

Every Business Has an Unsung Hero

Every business that exists has an unsung hero. The employee that gets the work done without being told, who is at work on time and ready to do their best. Unfortunately, many managers and supervisors, in the quest to motivate the staffers that may need motivation, forget those who are really holding down the fort. […]

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Six Sigma Teachers Training Blog

Great Teachers Created by Six Sigma

Everybody assumes if a person knows how to do something, that they can also teach it. This is true if we are dealing with a manual activity, such as cleaning a dog kennel or mowing a lawn. But for tasks that are more intricate, such as learning algebra or training a person to teach others, […]

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Branding Six Sigma VOC

The Six Sigma Connection in Branding Your Business

As more businesses start to enter the marketplace, the need for each business to stand out increases. No two businesses are identical; all have their unique strengths and all can stand out in their own special way. That’s why many companies spend the time and money developing a distinctive brand voice for their company. Creating […]

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Celebrate the New Year with Class

The New Year is a great time to start fresh on a path of improvement. As our lives get busier, we forget that there is always enough time to get everything done. We believe that busier means less time for ourselves. Time Will Magically Appear Those who are well versed with the Six Sigma methodology […]

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Infographic: Determining Root Cause Through the 5 Whys

The 5 Whys tool is used to determine the root cause of an issue. In the infographic above, we have taken a simple everyday problem of bird waste inside the dogs’ kennels at an animal shelter. The problem is simple enough, but if this doesn’t get dealt with, it can lead to more serious issues. […]

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Six Sigma Training CEU Credit

In Six Sigma, It Takes Powerful Thinking

The way we think dictates how we function and why we do what we do. In business, all three types of thinking are necessary, but the one that will keep your business afloat is critical thinking. If we were going to assign a type of thinking to be associated with Six Sigma, it would be […]

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Six Sigma Team Spirit Blog

Six Sigma Is All About Team Spirit

In business, time management is imperative. The more we utilize our time well, the more money we can save on production costs and eliminate waste. That being said, if the processes are well researched and thought through, there is an added health benefit: a reduction in stress. A reduction in stress means a happier work […]

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Austin Six Sigma Training

Another Six Sigma Training Success in Austin, Texas!

The magnitude of the various industries that Six Sigma reaches is simply astounding. Proof of this was seen in those companies who attended our latest Yellow Belt Six Sigma training workshop held in Austin, Texas. In attendance were participants from the following companies: Solvay, Laney Directional Drilling, Texas Mutual Insurance, Charles Schwab, Fiserv, City of […]

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Six Sigma Motivation

What is Behind Motivation?

What makes us love our jobs? For the amount of time we spend at work and actually doing our job, it really does make it easier if we were to love what we do. In a Gallup report performed in 2013, State of the American Workplace, only 30% out of 150,000 full and part-time employees surveyed said […]

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featured training, six sigma, training, 6sigma.us

Featured Training: Master Black Belt Certification In Florida

We are very proud of our recent graduating class of Master Black Belt (MBB) professionals in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Fourteen (14) Six Sigma professionals gathered for an extensive and comprehensive training program, which led to the award of a Master Black Belt Certification. 6Sigma.us is the preferred source of professional training for organizations such as […]

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