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Go Army! Earns 10 Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards

Nothing could speak higher of a nation or a process like this achievement! Ten units of the US Army earned awards for excellence in Lean Six Sigma programs. The units were recognized for excellence in streamlining business operations and saving the service millions of dollars. You may ask yourself why the Army even needs Six […]

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Propel your career with Six Sigma

Propelling Your Career Forward with Six Sigma

Growing and managing your corporate career takes dedication and attention to detail. If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, you also need to stay competitive and five steps ahead (at least!). While moving up within your department is how many people climb the corporate ladder, many professionals may decide to take their career in […]

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Excellence is an Art Won by Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma 2016: Excellence is an Art Won by Training

As we start towards a new year, preparation and training is the key to success! Waiting to seize the initiative on January 2nd is not what brings success. At 6Sigma.us, we are firmly committed to start preparing now for the upcoming year. Research shows that time and time again, successful people invest heavily in their […]

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The Basics of Business Process Management

The key to efficiency in any business or organization is its processes. By processes, we mean the steps and actions that must occur for a particular outcome to be achieved. When those processes go wrong, occur too slowly, or simply don’t work, the business or organization does not succeed. Just as processes are the heart […]

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Business Process Management 101: BPM Defined

Lean enterprise and business process improvement, business optimization, cost cutting TQM, quality, Six Sigma, business reengineering and other such-like initiatives, falls within the cadre of business process management. It forms the cradle, feeding ground and impetus for making sense of, improving and capitalizing on the intricacies, dynamic elements and events that occur in our planning, […]

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Optimizing BPM And Six Sigma or BPI

Business Process Management argues that management by common sense cannot be exemplified as management at all!! Analysis and objective study tends to bring balance to this equation, as well as our business practice and endeavor. Both BPM and Six Sigma deals with the dynamics of systematic, data-based experience and information, assisting us in our execution […]

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Business Process Management 101

Business corporations are now facing one of the most competitive eras ever. With globalization and technology, businesses need to identify various areas for improvement in order to stay relevant. Although increasing revenue and profits year on year are essential, rising costs and escalating customer demands have developed a need for corporations to improve internal processes, […]

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Integrating Six Sigma with Business Process Management

The concept of Six Sigma was first developed by Motorola Corporation as an approach to address the high defect rates within the company’s manufacturing processes. With the success of Six Sigma, Motorola has registered the Six Sigma brand name to the corporation. The concept of Six Sigma advocates that data be collected from processes to […]

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The Marriage of BPM and Six Sigma

Companies are just discovering the benefits of combining BPM and Six Sigma. Ideal for enhancing the long-term performance of business processes, the BPM/Six Sigma union helps companies better characterize, understand, and manage entire value chains. It also helps companies improve control and predictability of corporate business processes and generate sustainable enterprise improvements in performance levels. […]

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Business Process Management

Business Processes are a group of activities which are recurring in nature and contribute significantly to the growth and development of the business. Managing these activities efficiently so that maximum business benefit can be captured is better known as Business Process Management. If you think that Business Process Management deals with mundane tasks, you are […]

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Business Process Management and 6 Sigma

Six Sigma is powered by principles which are governed by continuous improvement. In pure terms, Six Sigma helps manufacturing organizations reduce the number of errors or reduce the number of defective products manufactured by them. This is achieved by a regular sharpening of the process and constant monitoring on processes and how they can be […]

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Business Process Management and Web Services

Today’s IT executives want the best software available. With business process management that means finding solutions that provide key benefits. In addition to facilitating system integration, these solutions must minimize costs, protect software investments, and increase corporate flexibility—all while generating a quick return on investment (ROI). Previously, IT executives had an option. They could either […]

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Connections: Business Process Management and Six Sigma

One of the most powerful ways to improve business processes is combining business process management (BPM) strategies with Six Sigma strategies. BPM strategies emphasize process improvements and automation to drive performance, while Six Sigma uses statistical analysis to drive quality improvements. The two strategies are not mutually exclusive, however, and many companies have discovered that […]

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