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Lean and Six Sigma: Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the Balance Lean and Six Sigma concepts are well understood in many business situations. Each concept  has found its place and proven their value. Lean does its part, focusing on improving the process and eliminating waste. Six Sigma performs its role by eliminating variable in the process. Organizations implement each strategy differently, based on […]

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Customers: How Well Do You Know Them?

Uncovering the Cover Up Customers. What do they really know? Fact is, my business is doing just fine and am pretty confident  there aren’t any issues. Oh, I have a few ‘difficult’ customers, but I really don’t worry about them. They cause us more problems than there are worth in sales, so it really doesn’t […]

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Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?

The Qualities We Seek Leadership. What is it and how do we get it? The concept is one of the most debatable subjects in business today. As individuals, we lean toward what we like. Your personality gravitates towards like personalities and that is where you find your comfort zone. Fact is, no one find success […]

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Manufacturer Pricing: Is There a Better Way?

Developing a Concept Can we change the old ways of manufacturer pricing? The impact of Lean manufacturing principles is well established. Manufacturers who follow Lean principles create significant profitability improvements over time, all while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Can those same Lean principles and practices be applied to pricing and achieve the same type […]

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Six Sigma - Sharpening Your Skills

Training: Are You Sharpening Your Skills?

Sharpening Your Skills Training is one of the most crucial habits you must practice on a daily basis to become a valued professional. If you look at the most successful business leaders, you will find that they place a high value on personal and professional development. They set aside time daily to practice their craft, […]

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Professional Development: How Are Your Investments Doing?

Are You Investing in Your Future? No matter what you read or hear about highly successful people, there are common habits they practice which can be directly attributed to their success. They have a determined, focused drive to be the best and their habits are religiously practiced. One of the most valuable habits highly successful […]

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5 Whys: Can I Get to Dinner on Time?

5 Whys Inspiration Part of the morning routine of coffee and working through a to-do list for the day, the morning network news is always going in the background. We filter out the fluff and our attention is piqued when a story is of significant value or importance. Recently, our attention was drawn to an […]

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Six Sigma and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Just What is The Internet of Things (IoT)? Gadgets, electronics and devices: we all have them and they fill our world. As the technology improves, so do they! Part of the improvements with these devices is that they are connected to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, personal devices are just some examples of devices that […]

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Is Six Sigma good fit for small business?

Six Sigma for Small Business: Is It a Good Fit?

Sizing Up Six Sigma Studies show that 2/3 of European employees and roughly 1/2 of American employees work for small and medium businesses. Small and medium businesses create 65% of all new jobs in the US. These facts fuel the debate on whether Six Sigma is a good fit for small business. Typically Six Sigma […]

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Six Sigma Pittsburgh: A Flexible and Focused Training Event

With Six Sigma methodology starting to play an integral role in organizations, training for a Six Sigma professional has never been more crucial. Improving your skills is not only about mastering knowledge related to your specific field, but it’s also about improving interpersonal relationships and communication. Quality training is crucial to the growth and development of any […]

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Six Sigma RCA Training

Six Sigma Gets To The Root Of The Problem With RCA

Organizations and leaders are great problem solvers. We see a problem and we fix it! Well, sometimes we do, but most of the time, we address the surface issues, stick a band-aid on it and pronounce it resolved. Within a short amount of time, the original problem resurfaces, causing a great deal of grief, just […]

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Six Sigma Tools: How Is The Fishing?

There is nothing so steeped in the American culture as fishing. Images of boys and their cane poles. Dads and sons spending a lazy afternoon by the river, talking about fish, nature and life. It’s a right of passage for most. For some it’s a relaxing hobby. Others, it is a focused and detailed sport, […]

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6Sigma.us Design for Six Sigma training

6Sigma.us Presents Comprehensive DFSS Training

Let’s Define DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) What is DFSS and how does it apply to the practice of Six Sigma? Simply put, DFSS is a tool available to the Six Sigma practitioner to develop products, services and products. Unlike DMAIC, which improves existing products or services, DFSS is specifically designed with the customer in […]

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Mark Graban - Experience Change

Lean Healthcare: Spend Some Time with an Expert

Across the broad practice of Lean, Six Sigma and Quality, there are many experts. All have various levels of knowledge and experience that create a certain value in their practice. Some of the leading experts have truly exemplified themselves in the practice. Years of education, hard work and diligent devotion to mastery of their craft […]

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Six Sigma Training - Anaheim

Upcoming Six Sigma Training: Anaheim/Los Angeles

2016 is here and training is in full swing at 6Sigma.us. We spent the last part of 2015 planning dynamic training agendas, with a global reach! With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us in sunny Southern California for a comprehensive Six Sigma training event. During this event, we will […]

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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma Black Belt: Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes? That question is so broad, an accurate answer is hard to come by. However, no matter what your industry of choice, having what it takes to be successful is crucial to career progression. Six Sigma core qualities for success encompass the basics of business and leadership, but also include […]

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JumpStart your 2016 - Six Sigma

Happy Holidays from 6Sigma.us!

It has been a great 2015 for us at 6Sigma.us. We have trained and worked with a slew of new certified Six Sigma belts, and know that great change and improvement will occur across many organizations and companies for the new year! We hope that 2015 has been a great year for you as well. If you’re […]

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Santa Implements Lean Six Sigma

After struggling the past few years at Northpole Inc., Santa turned to 6Sigma.us for help in resolving some challenging issues in his business. The past three seasons at Northpole Inc., were lackluster, to say the least. The business was plagued with production and quality issues, affecting the performance and customer expectations of the company. To try […]

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Six Sigma DMAIC training

Understanding DMAIC Within Six Sigma

As we head into 2016 and into another full training schedule, we receive many inquiries about various aspects of Six Sigma before classes even get started! One question we often receive is about the DMAIC methodology. If you’re not familiar with DMAIC model, here’s a simple breakdown: D: Define the problem M: Measure process performance A: Analyze the […]

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Businessman Brainstorming About Right Choices

Is It Six Sigma or Quality That You Want?

There once was a well-established hospital in a suburban community. Try, try, and try they did to reduce costs and improve quality. With each effort, they failed and the frustration grew. Executives, after exhausting all options, finally implemented a Six Sigma program. Leaders were excited for their community hospital, eagerly anticipating the potential windfall of […]

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