Green Process Management: Invest in the Future

green process management

Understanding the meaning of “going green” or green process management has important significance in today’s business world. While many know it’s an important concept, most don’t understand what it really means and how crucial it is to staying relevant in the marketplace.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of “How can we help the world?” syndrome. If you add our pandemic to the mix, you now have, “How can we help the world and save our business from the economic ravages of COVID?” The answer is simple: Change your business to a business that’s “going green,” but the change will be that of your mindset. In other words, you need to be dedicated to the cause. If you are dedicated to the cause, you will be able to sustain it and be successful.

So what does the phrase “going green” mean to your business? It depends what industry your business is in. For example, IKEA’s idea of “going green” means that it plans to use only recyclable materials in all of its products by the year 2030. This will surely reduce the amount of impact on the environment. IKEA will invest $220 million on green energy, and as they said, to make climate a positive goal.

Obviously this cannot be done overnight, but the incremental development will have an overall impact on our environment and ultimately make an easier sustainable future. This will save IKEA by guaranteeing a sustainable future, both in the environment and within the company.

The Time Is Now For Your Company To Be Sustainable

Our Green Process Management seminars, developed by Sam Windsor, author of “An Introduction to Green Process Management,” teaches attendees about green standards and specifications. The seminars discuss the ideal roadmap and give the tools needed to lead a company in its quest to take advantage of cost reductions, improve public image, and drive sales by embracing and exemplifying what it really means to be a green company.

This online, on demand Six Sigma Green Process Management training program will teach you what it means to be green, why green is important to your business, and how to help your company establish, achieve and monitor “Green Goals.” 

Upon completion, this program will help you strengthen your organization by understanding, communicating and implementing the core concepts of Green Process Management. Designed for professionals with little or no prior experience with Green or Six Sigma methodologies, this course helps you to understand what Green is and why it is important.

Green Process Management — What You’ll Get:

  • Digital version of the same, complete Green Process Management Introduction program delivered to our live classroom attendees
  • On demand, 24/7 access for 60 days of access to this professionally narrated online 6Sigma.com training course
  • 60 days of access to the training manual in electronic format with the ability to print 2 copies for your own use
  • Online comprehensive final exam

Upon completion of the training and passing the comprehensive final exam, you will receive a certificate of training completion.

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