Green Process Management a La Six Sigma

green process management

The word “sustainability” has become the word that is going to save the world. It is a new buzzword that everyone talks about, when in actuality it’s what Lean Six Sigma has been promoting all along. How does it do this? By removing waste, cutting down costs, and being inclusive in the workplace. Here at 6sigma.us we have developed a Green Process Management online course that speaks directly to going green. 

This online, on demand Six Sigma Green Process Management training program will teach you what it means to be green, why green is important to your business, and how to help your company establish, achieve and monitor “Green Goals.” 

Upon completion, this Green Process Management program will help you strengthen your organization by understanding, communicating, and implementing the core concepts of Green Process Management. Designed for professionals with little or no prior experience with Green or Six Sigma methodologies, this course helps you to understand what Green is and why it is important.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What is Green?
    • History/legislation
    • Terminology related to Green (Sustainability, GHG, impacts)
    • Standards, certifications related to Green
  • How do we impact Green?
  • Benefits of going Green
  • Where to start –use Six Sigma Methodology as your process (and our Green guidelines)
  • Carbon credits, Sustainability, Recycling
  • Overview of measuring and reporting Green
  • Green jobs
  • Environmental Management
  • Implementation of Green

In this course, you will receive:

  • Digital version of the same, complete Green Process Management Introduction program delivered to our live classroom attendees
  • On demand, 24/7 access for 60 days of access to this professionally narrated online 6Sigma.com training course
  • 60 days of access to the training manual in electronic format with the ability to print 2 copies for your own use.
  • Online comprehensive final exam.
  • Upon completion of the training and passing the comprehensive final exam, you will receive a certificate of training completion.

Contact us if you have additional questions.

Here is a great opportunity to learn more about going green and how to run your own business sustainably, as well as efficiently and effectively.

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