Six Sigma Key Principles: An Overview

key principles six sigma

Let’s get some clarity on the elements in Six Sigma that keep you focused on the right path. These are also known as key principles.

  1. The focus is on the customer: The quality of your product or service depends solely on what your customer considers quality. The product or service that your company manufactures or provides has to fulfill your customer’s requirements and meet their demands. If this doesn’t happen, you will lose your customers.
  2. Correctly identify the root causes: This takes some in-depth knowledge of the current processes and how they are working. Make sure you define the goals for the data collection. Then use a control chart as a Statistical Process Control Tool, where you can track the measurements by looking at the graph and see how the actual process is working. Once all the data is collected and analyzed, you will have a clear understanding of the root cause.
  3. You must eliminate variation: Waste wears many masks, and variation is one of them. If in your process there are steps that do not add value to your product, that is waste. Just because some steps in your process have always been done doesn’t make that step necessary. These unnecessary steps can cause variations in anything that is not directly adding value to your end result. These need to be eliminated.
  4. Teamwork makes the dream work: Everyone on the team must be trained in Six Sigma methods. This includes all the Six Sigma tools and methods. The various departments must be included in the actual knowledge of how their piece of the puzzle fits in.
  5. Be flexible: Anything can change at a given moment, but always know the correct procedures and follow them thoroughly. When you understand and know every aspect of the process, you will know exactly how to adapt at a moment’s notice.

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