Six Sigma and the Team Mindset

There are many elements at play for success when implementing Six Sigma at your business or company. The first element we will focus on is management involvement and support. This doesn’t mean sitting behind the desk and setting new protocols without having been working in the front lines! No, this means management rolling their sleeves and getting into the day-to-day work processes.

The second element we will bring up is the true concept of teams. Remember that the success of Six Sigma projects are accomplished through teamwork. The mindset of individual success has to be eliminated and replaced with team success.

Many companies like to say that they encourage teamwork, but if that were true, employee turnover would be at a record low. As it stands, in a recent survey conducted by Monster, approximately 54% of respondents said they feel unappreciated at their workplace, which has lead to approximately 41% out of that 54% to feel unmotivated. 

The Success of These Two Basic Elements Regarding Six Sigma

Since we are just focusing on management involvement and team efforts within Six Sigma, let’s see why complete deployment of these two elements truly works. Since management is on the front lines, they have knowledge on the day-to-day tasks and obstacles that occur, and can address issues with greater knowledge. 

Seeing management get involved and be part of the team increases the morale of the team and brings the true concept of teamwork to life. This works because there isn’t a division in status regarding work; everyone has their job, but every team member is equally important.

Complete deployment of the Six Sigma culture within the entire company is truly the only way for success with Six Sigma. 

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