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Six Sigma tools are indeed important tools for getting better project results.  The same can be said for Project Management methods are important for getting better Six Sigma results.

Studying Project Management to the level required to earn certification from PMI is one approach, but takes years of time, for you and your company.  Even if you have a good start on this, what will you do after that?

You still need to effectively lead your process improvement projects.  But no process improvement project can afford the time or cost to deploy the full project management approach advocated by PMI.  Your improvement will be due long before you finish the project plan.

Effective Project Management is really a result of choosing the correct tools and methods for the specific project at hand.  That takes many years of practice to learn on your own.  Process Improvements are in a specific class of smaller projects that were studied first-hand by your instructor during his 35-year career leading such efforts for a leading manufacturing company.  Through projects of his own and by watching the projects of others, he was able to identify the most valuable PM practices for smaller projects, like process improvements.  And the practices that simply wasted time or lacked value in that environment.

If you are either worried about how to right-size your PM effort or a newly minted Green or Black Belt wanting to learn more about this PM thing, the opportunity is knocking on your door.

Learn about…

  • An PM enhanced Charter process to frame the project purpose
  • A way to manage Stakeholders, instead of them managing you
  • Planning communications: right time, right way, right audience
  • Capturing requirements upfront with enough time to meet them
  • Taking better care of all your project resources
  • A process for managing risk and enhancing opportunities
  • Breaking down a project goal into more manageable pieces
  • Using a Gantt chart, but only for the right things at the right times
  • Scheduling and budgeting your effort using a planned baseline
  • Designing and delivering concise reports
  • Detailed work planning for each phase of the improvement effort
  • Closing your project, the right way

…in a three-week part-time virtual training workshop.  Receive valuable templates and case-study examples of project management tools.  Practice what you learn.  Go away with what you need to immediately improve your next project.

Project Management for Process Improvements or PM4PI might just be your ticket to better process improvement projects and a better career.  Beginning January 2022.

Karl Pfeifer is a degreed Engineer and experienced Project Manager who recently retired after 35 years with Corning Incorporated.  He holds project management certification from ESI and George Washington University and his PMP from PMI.  He is well prepared and excited to share his wealth of skill and knowledge with more and more process improvement project leaders.

Consider making this investment for your future process improvement project success.

Announcing a new offering from SixSigma.us Project Management for Process Improvements Starting January 2022 

Learn to apply a right-size level of project management to your Process Improvement effort.  Receive valuable templates and examples to supplement your training.  Just a few hours a week of virtual training over three weeks and you could be doing better projects.

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