Lean Six Sigma: The Secret Ingredient Behind It

lean six sigma

Regardless of whether you use Lean Six Sigma, there are a couple of “facts” that every gifted business owner knows:

  1. Your business runs on two levels — the current processes and preparing for different scenarios of what could happen.

     2. The “secret” ingredient is intention.

  • Intention in all that you do
  • This means motion without meaning is useless.

The best recovery method for all businesses regardless of the size, industry or type of business is Lean Six Sigma with its tools and methodology that it offers. Since you’re always preparing (working that second level), you will be prepared for anything should it happen. Yes, it is akin to the strategy used in sports, but a little different.

When it is used in sports, you battle your opponent so that your opponent is too busy defending himself to battle you. In business, you have built up such a strong defense that you are prepared for anything. This means you set up a great offense, which means you are proactive, and in business being proactive is the “secret sauce” but not the “secret ingredient.”  

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