Get Your Business Rolling With MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

Get Your Business Rolling With MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

Many business processes are often analyzed with suspicious data, if such data are not of quality, can lead us to erroneous decisions that distract the organization from the expected results even when the greatest effort is being made on the data collected, in this order of ideas, It is vital to eliminate activities that do not add value in order to reduce costs.

Although it seems that there is a relationship between the inputs and outputs of a process, sometimes this relationship can be confused with excessive errors in the measurement system, showing the variation due to the measurement error more extensive than the process dispersion itself.
The purpose of carrying out an analysis of the measurement system is to disaggregate mathematically the sources of variation within the measurement system. This will allow us to generate a correct action plan that effectively reduces the biggest contributors to the measurement error. With this analysis we would be dividing the cause of the variation of the measurement system by people’s contributions, devices, procedures, standards and training.

The analysis of the measurement system should be the first step that should precede any decision-making based on data in a company, excellent performance for the customer is derived from processes, decisions and actions that occur from a measurement system with excellent performance. In addition, the analysis of the measurement system is done for variable data as for discrete data, which of the versatility to this tool to be used in companies dedicated to the elaboration of products or provision of services.

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If you are looking to radically improve your business, which will lead you to be competitive and successful, in the hope of getting as close as possible to the target performance set by the customer and expressing that expectation as a clear standard, you need to be able to measure the Best way, analyzing your measurement system, which will provide the greatest guarantee that you would then be attacking the roots related to the variability of their processes to eliminate them and achieve the desired goal.

One of the strengths of the analysis of the measurement system lies in its simplicity and clarity, each phase of the analysis has clear objectives, actions and deliverables, that correctly conducted can give results in a short time to make decisions that positively impact your measurement system, making it accurate and with reliable data, this will allow to qualify it for its use, quantifying its accuracy, precision and stability.
Keep in mind that the total variation you can observe in your business processes is given by the actual variation of the process, hence this is the variation piece by piece plus the variation of the measurement system used. Through the analysis of the measurement system can make the variations measured as close to the actual variation, making the influence of the variation of the measurement system as small as possible, opening the doors to work directly on the improvement of its process and understanding that organizations will achieve greater efficiency as their processes achieve it.

The analysis of the measurement system can provide you with information about the percentage of actual variation of the process and that caused by the measurement system, allowing you, among other things, to evaluate a suspect instrument, even before and after repair, could also be used for comparison of measurements between operators or between two or more measurement devices, providing a criterion for accepting new measurement systems, could also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program, all of which are ways of improving the quality of the data of the processes of your business and with it the effectiveness of your actions in order to improve them continuously.

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