Does Six Sigma Need to Have the Support of Upper Management?

The short answer is, “Yes!” The longer answer is, “Yes, and here’s why.” Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of working where management does not fully realize or understand the value of investing the extra time and effort required for quality improvement? Such an experience is certainly not uncommon. You really know the value […]

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Why Six Sigma Will work in Service Environments

Although Six Sigma has its roots in manufacturing, it works just as effectively in service industries. It’s no secret that service environments, such as financial organizations, healthcare providers, retail companies, and hospitality organizations have a harder time applying Six Sigma principles. However, the core principles of Six Sigma allow it to cost-effectively translate manufacturing-oriented Six […]

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Compensation and Black Belts

One of the more ambiguous elements of a Six Sigma project is the level and type of compensation the organization should give to its Six Sigma leaders and team members. On the one hand, setting compensation is not an integral part of any stage of a Six Sigma project; on the other hand, compensation is […]

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