DFSS Provides Structure While Creating

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Here’s a basic overview of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and when it’s used.

  • DFSS is used when you want to create a new product, service or process.
  • After reviewing your current existing product, service, or process, you realize that process making improvements still won’t close the gap of what is required by your customer and the current product/service/process.
  • Make sure you do the research of the “existing” product/service/processes and what made them fail or come up short. Be well versed. Then you can embark on the new improved redesign.

Basic DFSS Process: DMADV

Define: In this phase, the team should make sure to take into account all risk, and be ready to address them.

Measure: Make sure you include VOC data. In the design requirements, include what is important to the customer. Make sure you address all the CTQs (critical to quality).

Analyze: All important processes or functions that must be included in the new design. Generate concepts using various approaches.

Design: Develop a high level design with details and specificities, test design, and prepare for first launch.

Verify: Build a prototype and do a pilot test of the prototype; review and decide the objectives.

Benefits of DFSS

We’ve listed a few benefits of using Design for Six Sigma for a product, service, or process:

  • Using DFSS provides a template or structure in the creation stage
  • One can include risk factors or issues and avoid them
  • Improves quality, reliability and reduce cost
  • Addresses key issues immediately
  • The financial benefits are long-term

Note: This a very condensed and brief outline of the DFSS process with its benefits. This process allows for structure for you to create, so the possibilities are endless for an excellent final product.

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