Six Sigma Green Belt

10 Things Every Green Belt Should Know

For many professionals, achieving Six Sigma Green Belt certification is the first monumental step forward in their careers. Although they work part-time on projects, their input and leadership account for up to 50% of the total project management for any given process. Likewise, Green Belts work directly under Black Belts and Master Black Belts. This […]

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The World’s 5 Biggest Projects, and How They Could Benefit from Six Sigma

Six Sigma began as a way to improve business processes at two large global enterprises. Both General Electric and Motorola founds ways of developing the methodology and using it to improve their corporate structures. To much success, both companies, and hundreds more, now use Six Sigma for every project, process, and task. Although Six Sigma […]

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linear regression

Six Sigma Toolkit: What is Linear Regression

The equation y=a+xb may remind you of elementary grade school, high school algebra, or college calculus. However, one thing is certain, everyone recognizes this equation. Simply put, it calculates the equation of a line of a graph. Basic information, such as the slope of the line and the y-axis intercept help calcualte the final equation. […]

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Improve Your Project Management Through Beta Distribution

Employers seek certified Six Sigma professionals for a multitude of reasons. However, the main requirement is effective project management. Depending on your certification level, different project management roles may be available at your company. Six Sigma Green Belts and below typically assist project managers; whereas Six Sigma Black Belts and above will lead the projects […]

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Walk the Walk: How to Relate Your Experience to Six Sigma

We gain experience every day by doing even the simplest things. Our experience defines us and enables us to understand the world around us. In Six Sigma, your experience is important because it often leads to the largest successes in project management, process improvement, and problem-solving. Ask yourself: Can you walk the walk? Is your experience […]

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Manufacturing or Service? Six Sigma Training Tips for Your Industry

What’s your industry? Whether you’re manufacturing or service, Six Sigma is highly relevant to both. In the manufacturing industry, for example, a buildup of waste and none-value-adding processes can hold a business back from success. In the service industry, too, inefficient methods and costly processes can be just as harmful. But how do you get from […]

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Gage R+R

Gage R+R for Dummies

Did you know that all data is prone to arbitrary variation? Did you also know that individual differences and uncertain measurements are the two main causes for variation? Gage R+R helps uncover the extent of variation in measurement systems and helps identify the primary source of the problem. It can also help you avoid costly […]

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Six sigma training

Why Do Six Sigma Training Prices Vary So Much?

If you have ever searched for Six Sigma training courses, you have probably noticed that they can vary greatly in prices. From $100 to upwards of thousands, courses can vary, depending on who they are taught by, where they are offered, and their duration. However, is there more to the price tag of your typical […]

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six sigma project

Why is a Project Important for Six Sigma Certification?

It’s important to understand how project experience factors into your chances of successful accreditation, and your later Six Sigma career. Don’t forget, Six Sigma projects are essential features of a Six Sigma career. More importantly, it’s best that you become familiar with them. This article will ask and answer the question: Why exactly are projects […]

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Six sigma certification

What is Professional Certification?

Six Sigma are words on everybody’s lips in the business sector. It can eliminate waste, seek out defects that halt progress, improve process efficiency, and turn a company around. But what training does it entail? This is an important question to consider when pursuing Six Sigma training. Also are: What is professional certification in Six […]

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Green Belt Training Six Sigma

10 Things to Look for in World Class Green Belt Training

The ideal Six Sigma Green Belt training program should help participants hone their existing abilities. But what are the key things to look out for in Green Belt training? Which features represent world class training that can’t be beaten? Today’s guide offers a useful breakdown of the top 10 things to look for: Soft skills. […]

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Basics Explained: Lean Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma School: What Types of Six Sigma Training Exist?

Six Sigma is everywhere these days, and it pays to know as much about it as possible. You never know when you might need Six Sigma to improve your own organization’s processes. You might pursue six sigma training at some point in the future. How many types of training exist? And which training program is […]

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Green Belt Training Six Sigma

Why Should a Six Sigma Green Belt Training Program be Two Weeks?

You may have noticed in your research that a lot of Six Sigma Green Belt Training programs last two weeks. But what is the significance of this number? Is it because two weeks is just the right amount of time in which you can become acquainted with Six Sigma? Is it because it allows you […]

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Sneaky Tricks Six Sigma Providers Pull

Hidden Extras: Sneaky Tricks Providers Pull to Charge you More!

Hidden charges and unexpected losses can be pretty frustrating. Millions pay for services that they either don’t want or weren’t mentioned. Don’t let this happen to you. Stay vigilant, and providers’ sneaky tricks will be plain to see! In this handy guide, we break down the ways in which providers bloat your bill without you […]

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Six Sigma Accreditation isn't always Consistent

Six Sigma Q&A: Why Isn’t Six Sigma Accreditation Consistent?

You might have heard of Six Sigma. In fact, if you’re reading this then we’re certain you have. But have you heard about the inconsistency between accreditation programs? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. It can sometimes be difficult to know which system is best, and which ones aren’t worth your time. […]

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Rebranded Training Partners

Proxy Providers: How to Spot Rebranded Training Partners

  Are you familiar with proxy providers? You might also be familiar with rebranded Six Sigma training courses. This article explores the ways in which proxy providers work. Plus, how the symbiotic relationship they share with accredited Six Sigma organizations. Join us as we discover the answers to the following questions: What are proxy providers? […]

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Lean Six Sigma Methodologies Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Six Sigma: Insights and Improvements

The human brain is a powerful thing. Often likened to a computer, it processes 400 billion bits of information per second and is always learning. The human capacity for learning is unlike any other species, but it is not a characteristic applicable only to people. Science fiction stories have explored the concept of artificial intelligence […]

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Six Sigma CEU Credit

Should My Six Sigma Course Contain CEU Credit?

    Six Sigma has become a worldwide phenomenon, helping improve business processes in some of the world’s largest companies. But before any Six Sigma professional can get to this stage, they must first receive certification. If you are the provider of a Six Sigma course, consider the following. Should your Six Sigma course contain […]

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LSS - Attractive Jobs Waiting For You

Lean Six Sigma – Attractive Jobs Waiting For You

If you are a management consultant seeking your next contract, it is unlikely to have escaped your attention that there is currently a lucrative and growing market for practitioners qualified to deliver Lean Six Sigma to the manufacturing and service industry. If you wish to pursue a Lean Six Sigma practitioners career, will have to […]

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six sigma business failure

Failure: Why do Great Six Sigma Project Teams Still Fail?

Six Sigma is defined by teamwork, which, in turn, influences the success of Six Sigma projects. However, even the most foolproof projects can collapse under their own weight if you aren’t careful. And what factor, more than any other, causes these project failures? The answer: Six Sigma project teams. If your team isn’t up to […]

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