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What Makes a Fantastic Six Sigma Project Manager?

So you’ve got your Six Sigma certificate? But now what do you do? Where do you even begin? Being a Six Sigma project manager can be hard work, but it’s also very rewarding. The hardest part is over. Now you just need to demonstrate the same level of expertise as a Six Sigma project manager. […]

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Process flow diagram

Find Your Flow: Process Flow Diagrams for Beginners

You can use Process flow diagrams in just about any industry to organize process steps in sequential order. The process flow diagram is incredibly useful tools in Six Sigma and Lean, as they allow you to arrange data in a detailed, comprehensive manner by which to easily identify areas where corrective action is needed. This […]

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Business Benefits of Lean Consulting

Six Sigma in Education: Apply Lean Principles to Your Sector

Six Sigma and Lean principles drive change, allowing businesses to seek out and eliminate waste, cultivate process improvement, and transform profit margins. But the question is, can they be used in the education sector? And how will their application benefit you? Today we answer these questions as we look at how you can apply vital […]

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Unsung Hero Six Sigma Business

How to Market Your CV as a Six Sigma Practitioner

Only the best employees get the best jobs in today’s fast-paced, results-driven business world. Use your skills to your advantage to bolster your career development. Six Sigma and Lean provide yet another reason for your candidacy, as all employers want capable, goal-oriented, enterprising employees to fill their ranks. However, if you don’t market yourself effectively, […]

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six sigma business failure

Top 10 Mistakes When Managing a Six Sigma Project

Whether you are a new practitioner or seasoned pro, mistakes are inevitable in complex projects. In fact, the saying goes that you aren’t a true project manager before your first catastrophe. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from the mistakes of others (Lessons Learned, to those in the know!). Below are the top […]

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Avoid complacency and leave your comfort zone!

How to Avoid Complacency and Continually Improve with Six Sigma

Complacency is an epidemic. It kills productivity and can negatively affect your performance. Studies have shown that complacency comes from a lack of engagement, and affects up to 70% of the US working population. This means around three-quarters of American employees are not fully committed to their everyday workplace tasks! As an employer, this should […]

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DMAIC Measure - How to measure the impact of your Six Sigma Project

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: M – Measure Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the second part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Measure within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. Yesterday we started our series on DMAIC in focus with a deep-dive into Define. Today we take a more measured approach and will give you […]

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Define Your Problem with DMAIC

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: D – Define Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the first part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Define within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here.   Working in Six Sigma, one of the first things you will hear about is DMAIC. It’s as much a part of the landscape […]

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Non-Traditional Education: How Times Have Changed

Do you remember all the lectures from your parents about education? Yes, those lectures about keeping your grades up in high school, taking college prep courses, then off to a reputable college. The point was, that if you didn’t go to college, then you would never be able to get a good job. For many, […]

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money in a jar building your future

Six Sigma Training: Are You Shaping Your Future?

Are you shaping your future in Six Sigma? It is estimated that highly success people invest $8k – $10k a year on their personal and professional development. Fact is, the modern business environment is highly fluid and technically demanding, without taking into consideration skills crucial to your specific industry. Just keeping up with the basic […]

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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma Black Belt: Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes? That question is so broad, an accurate answer is hard to come by. However, no matter what your industry of choice, having what it takes to be successful is crucial to career progression. Six Sigma core qualities for success encompass the basics of business and leadership, but also include […]

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