Successfully approach 5S in Lean Six Sigma

How to successfully approach 5S in Lean Six Sigma

5S and Lean Six Sigma are all part of a process to improve the workplace. There are numerous steps to both of these processes, but once you have a full understanding of them you will have a business that is constantly growing and improving. The main factor to remember about both of these methods, as […]

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Eliminate your Muda with Kaizen thinking in Six Sigma

Kaizen: Eliminate Waste and Improve Your Project

Waste is everywhere. It affects countless companies, sometimes without anyone knowing about it. But it doesn’t have to affect your company too. Using Kaizen, you can achieve a state of total waste elimination and process improvement. Today, we will teach you the basics of good waste management and how to eliminate waste. The Types of Waste […]

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Disrupt the Status Quo with Six Sigma

Disrupt the Status Quo: Practical Six Sigma Thinking!

You will find Six Sigma principles the world over. For many businesses, Six Sigma is a highly transformative strategy for process improvement. Using key Six Sigma principles, you can achieve the same for your company. Not only does Six Sigma provide ways by which to bring about improvement, but it can also help disrupt the […]

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5 benefits six sigma implementation

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

    The proven record of Six Sigma speaks for itself. There isn’t anything in the Six Sigma methodology that is theoretical. As shown in the below infographic, General Electric saved $12 billion after implementing Six Sigma. Check out the 5 important benefits of Six Sigma implementation: Understanding the Foundation: DMAIC The foundation of the Six […]

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what is Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen: Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Companies are fluid entities. By default, structure and internal processes fluctuate. It’s how we respond to changes in the marketplace, and it is how we grow a business. However, we shouldn’t look to be happy with the ad-hoc. It is this very quality that is necessary to developing a culture of continuous improvement, or, to […]

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It's tempting to let improvements speed by, but don't lose control!

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: C – Control Your Project

This article is the final part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Control within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. If you’ve stuck with us so far, congratulations! If you’re new… go back and read the rest of this series! We are taking a deep-dive into […]

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Essential to the Improve phase of DMAIC, PDCA is the primary gauge of improvement rollout success.

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: I – Improve Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the fourth part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Improve within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. Day four now sees us approaching the end of our DMAIC in focus series. Today, we will be looking at how to improve ourselves, and our projects, […]

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customer service six sigma voc tool

Great Customer Service is a Signature Six Sigma Move

Back in the day, it was common practice for company staff to make it their business to know every customer by name — or at the very least, learn something special about them. This would be part of the customer service experience, and make the customer feel like part of the family. This created customer […]

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Analyze your project without losing time and motivation!

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: A – Analyze Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the third part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Analyze within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. Day three into our DMAIC in focus series sees us analyzing Analyze. Aside from getting meta, we are going to look at how successful analysis […]

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DMAIC Measure - How to measure the impact of your Six Sigma Project

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: M – Measure Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the second part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Measure within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here. Yesterday we started our series on DMAIC in focus with a deep-dive into Define. Today we take a more measured approach and will give you […]

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Define Your Problem with DMAIC

Six Sigma and DMAIC in Focus: D – Define Your Six Sigma Project

This article is the first part in our series on the principles of Six Sigma, focusing on Define within the DMAIC framework. You can find the rest of our series here.   Working in Six Sigma, one of the first things you will hear about is DMAIC. It’s as much a part of the landscape […]

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Unsung Hero Six Sigma Business

Every Business Has an Unsung Hero

Every business that exists has an unsung hero. The employee that gets the work done without being told, who is at work on time and ready to do their best. Unfortunately, many managers and supervisors, in the quest to motivate the staffers that may need motivation, forget those who are really holding down the fort. […]

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Six Sigma Teachers Training Blog

Great Teachers Created by Six Sigma

Everybody assumes if a person knows how to do something, that they can also teach it. This is true if we are dealing with a manual activity, such as cleaning a dog kennel or mowing a lawn. But for tasks that are more intricate, such as learning algebra or training a person to teach others, […]

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six sigma competition

Six Sigma: The Death Star to Competition

Competition: Rivalry for supremacy; a contest for a prize, honor, or advantage. As you can see from its definition, competition has somewhat of a negative connotation, because in order for someone or something to be regarded as the best, the opposition inadvertently loses some of its value. The Academy Awards Every year, the entertainment industry […]

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Branding Six Sigma VOC

The Six Sigma Connection in Branding Your Business

As more businesses start to enter the marketplace, the need for each business to stand out increases. No two businesses are identical; all have their unique strengths and all can stand out in their own special way. That’s why many companies spend the time and money developing a distinctive brand voice for their company. Creating […]

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happy new year,, blog

Story for a Happy New Year!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year On the way back from work every evening, more often than not there would be a homeless man standing at the exit of the freeway… He always waved at every car, he was always happy and smiling and sometimes almost dancing. Every day after work I would remember […]

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Celebrate the New Year with Class

The New Year is a great time to start fresh on a path of improvement. As our lives get busier, we forget that there is always enough time to get everything done. We believe that busier means less time for ourselves. Time Will Magically Appear Those who are well versed with the Six Sigma methodology […]

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Happy Holidays,

A Holiday Story For You

Papa Panov put on a special pot of coffee for his Christmas breakfast, took down the shutters and looked out of the window. The street was deserted, no one was stirring yet. No one except the road sweeper. He looked as miserable and dirty as ever, and well he might! Whoever wanted to work on […]

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Infographic: Determining Root Cause Through the 5 Whys

The 5 Whys tool is used to determine the root cause of an issue. In the infographic above, we have taken a simple everyday problem of bird waste inside the dogs’ kennels at an animal shelter. The problem is simple enough, but if this doesn’t get dealt with, it can lead to more serious issues. […]

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Six Sigma Training CEU Credit

In Six Sigma, It Takes Powerful Thinking

The way we think dictates how we function and why we do what we do. In business, all three types of thinking are necessary, but the one that will keep your business afloat is critical thinking. If we were going to assign a type of thinking to be associated with Six Sigma, it would be […]

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