Business Benefits of Kaizen

Get Your Business Competitive with Kaizen

Kaizen is an interesting method of improving your life and business. The word is Japanese and roughly translated means continuous change. When you break it down ‘Kai’ means change, and ‘zen’ means good, hence, Kaizen. The method of making your business better with Kaizen might seem strange to someone that has never heard of it, […]

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Successfully approach 5S in Lean Six Sigma

How to successfully approach 5S in Lean Six Sigma

5S and Lean Six Sigma are all part of a process to improve the workplace. There are numerous steps to both of these processes, but once you have a full understanding of them you will have a business that is constantly growing and improving. The main factor to remember about both of these methods, as […]

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what is Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen: Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Companies are fluid entities. By default, structure and internal processes fluctuate. It’s how we respond to changes in the marketplace, and it is how we grow a business. However, we shouldn’t look to be happy with the ad-hoc. It is this very quality that is necessary to developing a culture of continuous improvement, or, to […]

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quality failure, lean six sigma, six sigma tools, lean manufacturing

Quality Failure: What Went Wrong?

When we see business failure, in any form, the immediate reaction is to try and understand what went wrong. That’s how we learn. Understanding mistakes and errors leads to higher levels of success of further endeavors. So, the post-mortem begins in an effort to understand the causes of failure in seemingly successful organizations. We have […]

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manufacturer pricing, lean principles, lean,

Manufacturer Pricing: Is There a Better Way?

Developing a Concept Can we change the old ways of manufacturer pricing? The impact of Lean manufacturing principles is well established. Manufacturers who follow Lean principles create significant profitability improvements over time, all while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Can those same Lean principles and practices be applied to pricing and achieve the same type […]

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the internet of things IoT business six sigma programs

Six Sigma and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Just What is The Internet of Things (IoT)? Gadgets, electronics and devices: we all have them and they fill our world. As the technology improves, so do they! Part of the improvements with these devices is that they are connected to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, personal devices are just some examples of devices that […]

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Six Sigma Training - Anaheim

Upcoming Six Sigma Training: Anaheim/Los Angeles

2016 is here and training is in full swing at We spent the last part of 2015 planning dynamic training agendas, with a global reach! With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us in sunny Southern California for a comprehensive Six Sigma training event. During this event, we will […]

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picture of santa claus

Santa Implements Lean Six Sigma

After struggling the past few years at Northpole Inc., Santa turned to for help in resolving some challenging issues in his business. The past three seasons at Northpole Inc., were lackluster, to say the least. The business was plagued with production and quality issues, affecting the performance and customer expectations of the company. To try […]

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Propel your career with Six Sigma

Propelling Your Career Forward with Six Sigma

Growing and managing your corporate career takes dedication and attention to detail. If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, you also need to stay competitive and five steps ahead (at least!). While moving up within your department is how many people climb the corporate ladder, many professionals may decide to take their career in […]

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Value of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing

What is the Value of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing?

Do we really understand the value of these two methodologies? Two methodologies? Really? Yes, Lean and Six Sigma are two separate methodologies. They are commonly combined in discussion, and the roles are not clearly differentiated. Each methodology has tremendous value alone, but combined, they can be a powerful tool in any business setting. Let’s talk […]

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