six sigma tools

4 Six Sigma Tools for The Automobile Industry

In every industry, there’s bound to be stiff competition. And due to the increasing economic globalization, it keeps getting tougher each year. Organizations are facing a lot of pressure to increase their efficiency and productivity to remain competitive, especially when it comes to manufacturing. This includes the manufacturing of automobiles.  Not only that, but more […]

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lean it

The Importance of Lean IT and Its Benefits

For teams to succeed, whether in manufacturing or information technology (IT), there needs to be continuous improvement. Teams need to focus on small changes that add up to big improvements that, ultimately, lead to customer satisfaction. This is where Lean comes in, with the tool and techniques necessary for teams to improve not only business […]

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lean methodology

4 Lean Methodology Tools Every Everyone Should Know

When it comes to getting rid of waste in a process, the Lean methodology is one of the top go-to methods for achieving this. Its tools are usually utilized in live production environments to improve the efficiency of business processes. And when one is taking a course in Lean, they will be taught how to […]

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lean production

Eliminating Waste Through Lean Production

Making sure the production process is Lean is what many successful organizations do. They use the least amount of resources while maximizing output and ensuring that customers get what they asked for well ahead of time. This might sound expensive or a lot of trouble, but if done right, Lean can save an organization a […]

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six sigma green belt project

How to Get the Most Out of Your Six Sigma Green Belt Projects

Progressing faster through the ranks of Six Sigma requires you to understand the field more deeply, and make certain decisions driven by the motivation to move up. When taking on new projects for your green belt, for example, you’ll want to make sure that you hit certain points hard enough to make a noticeable impact. […]

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Six Sigma online training

How Six Sigma Online Training Enhances Learning Experience

Many professionals recognize the benefits of Six Sigma for their organization and/or their career. They understand that Six Sigma gives them a flexible toolset for improving quality in their organization by eliminating defects and costly errors. For their career, it means they become highly demanded, on top of being able to move on to better […]

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six sigma online

3 Ways Learning Six Sigma Online is Better Than On-Site Learning?

Many people around the world are increasingly using online learning or e-learning to get their Six Sigma certificates. Due to the benefits e-learning provides, even organizations are seeing it as a viable option to empower their workforce with Six Sigma knowledge and skills. But what would make employers consider online learning over on-site learning? Here […]

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infrastructure implementation

Six Sigma Projects: Infrastructure Implementation

Six Sigma has different types of projects that can be conducted. Green Belts and Black Belts usually focus on process improvement projects, which are part of the five Six Sigma projects. The other types of projects are Quick Win, process design, process redesign and, of course, infrastructure implementation. Infrastructure implementation is mostly about ensuring the […]

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software development

Can Six Sigma Help With Software Development?

The DMAIC methodology is at the base of all things Six Sigma. The steps in the methodology are what organizations utilize whenever there is a need for process improvement. This is no different for software development companies, especially in regards to the software development life cycle. The software development cycle as a whole is complex, […]

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affinity diagram

Effective Brainstorming With Affinity Diagrams

Brainstorming sessions and the affinity diagram or tree diagram go together well. With it, teams can control the brainstorming process and systemically tackle a recurring issue efficiently and effectively. The tree diagram works by allowing the project team to brainstorm a lot of ideas and group them homogenous into categories. This allows the team to […]

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Using Six Sigma to Prevent Insurance Fraud

People commit insurance fraud, which costs the industry millions. While insurance fraud is hard to detect, with the right tools in place, insurance companies can stay vigilant. This can allow them to be proactive and recognize when fraud is about to happen and stop it before the damage is done. One of the tools that […]

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jit manufacturing

Important Principles of JIT Manufacturing

How does an organization sell all goods manufactured while lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction? One of the best ways to achieve this is through just-in-time manufacturing, (JIT). It is a Lean thinking philosophy that focuses on demand-based production, as well as the production of quality products and organization-wide continuous improvement. It is a system […]

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food service industry

Can Six Sigma Be Used In a Restaurant?

Six Sigma is a methodology that is strongly rooted in reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of processes. When looking at it this way, rather than focusing on its origins in manufacturing, it is easy to see that it can be applied in almost any industry, including the foodservice industry. Indeed restaurant owners can use […]

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A Brief Intro to the Kano Model

There are many tools that Lean Six Sigma professionals can use for process improvement. You have probably heard of Kaizen, Kanban and Ishikawa, but have you heard of the Kano Model? It helps organizations prioritize customer satisfaction during product development to produce more value for the customer. What is the Kano Model? Simply put, the […]

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six sigma case study

Six Sigma Case Study: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Introduction Six Sigma Case Study — U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was looking for improvements in screening methods to gain and maintain cooperation with companies that provide data. Carol Rupley, a field economist at the Bureau, acts as a contact person for companies, non-profits, and state and local governments that […]

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Why You Should Become a Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six Sigma is a methodology that is continuously being adopted the world over. A Master Black Belt (MMB) is the highest and most sought after certification in both the Six Sigma and business worlds. If you’re wondering if becoming an MBB is the right move for you, we will discuss a few reasons why it […]

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Lean Webinars

Lean Webinars: Getting the Fundamentals

As the pandemic has made 2020 a year we could all have done without, it has also shown us that businesses that pivoted did rather well and some even did better. So much better that they even changed the whole dynamic of the industry. We have seen this with companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, […]

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Kaizen – Pursuing Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is a term that you’ll constantly hear in Lean Six Sigma circles. However, not many people know what it means. That is because the term itself does not convey any obvious meaning. One would not be blamed for thinking it is some fancy new process, organization or machine. However, the concept of Kaizen is […]

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green process management

Green Process Management: Invest in the Future

Understanding the meaning of “going green” or green process management has important significance in today’s business world. While many know it’s an important concept, most don’t understand what it really means and how crucial it is to staying relevant in the marketplace. In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle […]

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lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma: The Secret Ingredient Behind It

Regardless of whether you use Lean Six Sigma, there are a couple of “facts” that every gifted business owner knows: Your business runs on two levels — the current processes and preparing for different scenarios of what could happen.      2. The “secret” ingredient is intention. Intention in all that you do This means motion […]

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