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Lean IT: Start the New Year With Great Six Sigma Education

Well, we made it to the new year 2020! Why not make it a great year of learning and take a Six Sigma Specialized training class? Our specialized training classes range from Design for Six Sigma programs conducted online or on-site to Minitab training at introductory and advanced levels. These programs are also customizable to […]

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Let’s Reflect on Six Sigma Methodologies

As we welcome the new year, it is time to reflect on what we have come to learn about Six Sigma. We have learned that Six Sigma methodologies work great on personal improvements, such as time management. Having enough time to get things done is akin to having enough money to do the things we […]

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six sigma

Six Sigma: Apply Tools for the New Year

It’s the holiday season, which includes thinking about the pending new year. This is the perfect time to start living more mindfully, meaning spending less money and making your money go further. Here is an easy way to try the magic of Six Sigma for yourself, and start saving money in your business. Get started by […]

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Word on the Street About FMEA

FMEA stands for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. This great Six Sigma tool or template is a method which will call out possible failures and their impact in a product or process design. This template is used during the concept development or design of a product. Taking the time to use this Six Sigma template […]

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six sigma

Six Sigma: Its Key Elements Are the Secret to Success

Those who believe in Six Sigma know that the genius is in its simplicity. If common sense had a template, it would be known as Six Sigma. That being said, today’s global economy (with the exception of its size) isn’t that much different than your father’s hardware store back in the 1950’s. Good quality is […]

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Kaizen Is a Core Six Sigma Philosophy

Kaizen is all about improving the business as an entire entity. This is done by developing a standardized way of working, which is believed to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. This was used in the Toyota Production System. Lean Six Sigma is focused on the quality of the product, by finding variables that cause errors. […]

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5 whys six sigma

INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Whys Tool

When issues arise and you need to get to the root of the problem, the Six Sigma 5 Whys tool is very helpful. If the issue is in the manufacturing or the design of the product, keep in mind that the product was made to serve a function without consideration as to other issues that […]

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six sigma mental health

Six Sigma’s Magic and Mental Health

According to the Center for Workplace Mental Health, the annual cost of mental illness is costing the US economy $20 billion a year. Stress is a big factor, and a negative workplace environment contributes to that stress, causing absenteeism and a loss in productivity. Here are some alarming statistics: 64% of employees described their jobs […]

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six sigma branding

Six Sigma and Your Company’s Brand

When a business takes the step to implement continuous quality methodologies such as Six Sigma, this is a great step towards the brand. Paying close attention to the quality of your products using Six Sigma tools and methods immediately shows your commitment to quality, which is an important element in your brand.  Here are a […]

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root cause analysis

What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

Any time an unwanted event keeps happening over and over again, you need to fix it once and for all. It is very much like an unwanted plant that keeps growing, even after you feel like you pulled it out by its roots. So you need to get down to the nitty-gritty of the cause […]

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lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma Language: A Quick Review of the Basics

When it comes to Lean Six Sigma, acronyms and tools are a staple. The different acronyms and different tools could get confusing if not reviewed frequently — which brings up a good point of continuous education as a form of review as well as progressing forward. Think of reviewing as visiting an old friend and […]

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Why Lean Six Sigma Is Important in Healthcare

As our baby boomer population gets older, the healthcare system will be inundated with many aging people who aren’t feeling well. Unfortunately, our current system won’t be able to accommodate or help them. Not because our current healthcare system is weak, it just needs to catch up to our needs. Our economy has been less […]

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Human resource

Onboarding the Lean Six Sigma Way

The old saying, “You only have one time to make a first impression” holds true of the onboarding process for a new employee. One of the most important elements of onboarding the Lean Six Sigma way is that of setting the tone. Getting the new employee familiarized with the organization in a seamless, organized way […]

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lean manufacturing

[Infographic] Key Principles of Lean Manufacturing

In Lean Six Sigma, it is all about the customer. They define the quality they expect from your product or service. The day-to-day processes should only consist of what brings value to your product or service, and that is determined by your customer.  Remember, anything that doesn’t bring value to your product or service is […]

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Honolulu lean training

Get Lean In Honolulu…Lean Six Sigma That Is!

Honolulu is a dream destination, and we paired it up with the dream class to learn and get started with Lean Six Sigma! You will meet other like-minded individuals who are serious about their careers and businesses. In today’s fluctuating economy, you can’t afford not to have Lean Six Sigma in your corner. We are […]

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six sigma time management

Six Sigma and Time Management in Your Personal Life

When you think of Six Sigma methodologies, you think of getting rid of waste and making your work processes more efficient and effective. While this is helpful for your business or company, how could we also use Six Sigma to improve the quality of our personal lives?  The answer is easy! You use Six Sigma […]

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six sigma methodologies

Use Six Sigma Methodologies to Arrive at Perfection

It’s a known fact that practice makes perfect, meaning the more you do something, the closer to perfection you will get on that particular task. Six Sigma methodologies aren’t any different. There is an arrival to being an expert.  The example we will use happened a couple of weeks ago. A colleague of ours has […]

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Six Sigma Implementation

INFOGRAPHIC: Important Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

It’s not a secret that with the economy being the way it is, businesses can fold at a moment’s notice. The solution to this issue is to work smarter; working smarter means implementing Six Sigma. Six Sigma sets your priorities and makes sure you are working effectively and efficiently by eliminating waste. This will ultimately […]

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key principles six sigma

Six Sigma Key Principles: An Overview

Let’s get some clarity on the elements in Six Sigma that keep you focused on the right path. These are also known as key principles. The focus is on the customer: The quality of your product or service depends solely on what your customer considers quality. The product or service that your company manufactures or […]

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master black belt

The Best Master Black Belt Training Is like Visiting Disney World

Do you remember as a child going to Disney World and being completely immersed in the interactive world you were thrown in? Everything was so real that you couldn’t stop talking about it for days, even weeks because the experience was real. That’s exactly how the Master Black Belt class that starts September 23rd, 2019 […]

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