ai tools small business

AI Tools Small Businesses Should Use

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and has found numerous applications across sectors. The technology is making its mark in every field and small businesses are no different. Small business owners often make the mistake of perceiving AI tools as too expensive whereas they could be using the technology in a cost-efficient […]

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customer lifetime value

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

You might have heard of the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), which is a measure of the value a customer brings to your business. It’s a significant metric for businesses of all scales as it will help brands understand how to acquire and retain customers. In this article, we will take a look at what CLV […]

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continuous improvement

Using Continuous Improvement Processes to Fight the Pressures of Inflation

Over the past few years, inflation has been a painful reminder of our economic woes. For a myriad of reasons, these trends, combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, have wreaked havoc on the nation’s economy. Consumers are feeling the bite of prices, which have slowly eaten away at their budgets. The reality of […]

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Minitab Essentials Training for Six Sigma Professionals

Every industry or trade has some core functions essential to the success of any professionals practicing their trade or craft. For Six Sigma professionals, mastering statistics is vital to their success. One of the most essential tools used for statistical work is the Minitab software package. Combined with other tools, strategies, and data formats, Six […]

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The Best Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

The Best Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

Managing a small business is no small task, with entrepreneurs having to juggle between several different roles all at the same time. If you’re a small business owner, you might be finding it challenging having to manage accounting, customer relationship management, and project management all on your own. In this article, we walk you through […]

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six sigma higher education

Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education

Lean Six Sigma and higher education may seem mismatched at first. The needs of business, manufacturing, or customer service are different from a higher education institution. It has been said the most optimum way for a university to function is to let the students learn and the teachers teach. However, a closer look at higher […]

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2023 Green Belt Six Sigma training

2023 Green Belt Training and Certification

The Green Belt training and certification program is a comprehensive and dynamic program designed to launch your career as a true Lean Six Sigma professional. The Green Belt certification is ideal for those tasked with improving existing processes. In this program, you will learn the tools and fundamentals in a real-world manner, allowing you to […]

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social listening

Social Listening: Why It’s Important for Brands

If you’re not watching out for what your customers have been sharing about your brand on social media platforms, you’ve been missing out a great deal. Social listening is the art and science of gathering the voice of the customer (VOC) from social media platforms and can provide powerful actionable insights to increase profits and […]

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lean six sigma retail management

Lean Six Sigma and Retail Management

Retail management and Lean Six Sigma are the perfect partners for creating a dynamic of success. The fact is, Americans love to shop, and we demand a wide range of choices in shopping venues and products. America is considered the global home of retail, and we continue expanding the number of international retail giants.  U.S. […]

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lean six sigma supply chain management

Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the lifespan of a product or service, from inception to manufacturing, through final delivery to the consumer. A “chain” or network of suppliers is created on the journey to move the product to its final destination. This is an intricate process that demands optimization. Every step depends on the next for […]

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customer feedback

How to Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for businesses of all scales, as it has a direct bearing on the success of a business. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the ways to collect customer feedback with ease. What is Customer Feedback and Why Do You Need It? The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is […]

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lean six sigma airline

Lean Six Sigma in the Airline Industry

Lean Six Sigma in the airline industry could be one of the most in-demand business methodologies in a struggling and beleaguered sector. Even before the pandemic, airlines were not the optimal environment for positive customer experiences. The impacts of the pandemic worsened a toxic customer environment. But, even with these challenges, the industry is rising […]

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Lean Six Sigma in the Restaurant Industry

Lean Six Sigma methodology in the restaurant industry could be one of the most critical practices a restauranteur could implement in their business. In today’s environment, the restaurant business is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries, riddled with challenges in efficiency, razor-thin margins, and a demonstrative customer base. When you consider the volatile […]

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lean and agile

Lean and Agile: How Can They Make a Difference to Your Business

Lean vs agile is the quintessential question businesses often find themselves in dilemmas about. Modern organizations have diverse processes that are highly variable. Ideally, businesses should be using both lean and agile approaches in their processes, based on their nature. The combined approach, instead of deciding between lean and agile, is often the most beneficial […]

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Virtual Training Class Lineup for 2022

We continue to lead the charge for busy professionals seeking to up their game as Lean Six Sigma consultants and practitioners with a lineup of virtual training classes for the remainder of 2022. The November schedule kicked off with a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) virtual training class. The three-day live online course launched November 1st […]

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customer metrics

The Key Customer Metrics You Should be Monitoring

Customer metrics are an indication of how well customers perceive your brand and its offerings, and how satisfied they are with them. It’s a great way to measure customer feedback and fine-tune your products to better meet customer needs.  In this article, we’ll review the fundamental customer metrics and see what makes them important for […]

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2023 lean six sigma training

2023 Lean Six Sigma Training Schedule Announcement

We continue to bring the next generation of Six Sigma leaders and experts to the forefront of the industry with the new schedule of 2023 Lean Six Sigma training classes. Scheduled January 2023 locations include Chicago, Dallas, and Miami for White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt courses, in addition to […]

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total quality management

A Detailed Guide on Total Quality Management

TQM (Total Quality Management) is an integrated approach for organizations to achieve long-term success and excellent customer satisfaction. The TQM approach takes the route of management optimization and enhancement. This methodology involves all members of the organization equally participating in improving processes, products/services, and the culture of the organization and their respective roles. TQM aims […]

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lean vs agile

Lean vs Agile: Which Supply Chain Should You Choose?

Lean vs. Agile supply chain: Which is best for your business? There’s no single answer. It depends on your type of business and unique circumstances. This article will explore both supply chain strategies and explain when choosing each one is ideal. What is a Lean supply chain? A lean supply chain imbibes lean principles to […]

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