free process mapping tools

5 Free Process Mapping Tools that Six Sigma Experts Use

Six Sigma is a methodology typically used in the manufacturing industry which aims to improve production and processes and reduce waste. Experts also use process mapping to obtain a visual representation of the workflow and to track the progress of processes. There are several process mapping tools that Six Sigma experts use to improve their […]

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six sigma salary

Average Salaries of Six Sigma Black Belt Holders

The Six Sigma Black Belt is a leap ahead of the Green Belt, in terms of opportunities, and of course, salary. A Six Sigma Black Belt holder is equipped with all the techniques and strategies of Six Sigma. The holder becomes an expert of the Six Sigma methodology, and is capable of leading top-quality projects, […]

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kaizen six sigma

How Kaizen can Help With Self-Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophical concept and a Lean manufacturing tool. The idea is that processes can always change for the better, and there are no limits to how much they can improve. Translated from Japanese, the word Kaizen is made up of two words, “kai,” which means good, and “zen,” which means change. Although […]

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education six sigma

How Can The Education System Benefit From Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process that aims to use statistics and data to review and correct mistakes. Six Sigma uses DMAIC, which stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. These are key aspects that can be performed in every industry to improve the performance of a business or institution. The process relies on mathematics […]

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Six Sigma Process

Achieve more with Six Sigma Process

For more than a century, the industrial world has seen great efficiency and growth in production of higher quality. This quest was charted by individuals like Walter Shewhart (The Grandfather of Total Quality Management), Kaoru Ishikawa, Frederick Taylor, Shigeo Shingo, and many others. Their quest is still operational today as theories and methods for improvements […]

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six sigma transportation

How Lean and Six Sigma are Used in the Transportation Industry

Lean and Six Sigma can be used in virtually any industry. Many transportation companies are using them to improve the operations of their supply chain. Lean focuses on reducing waste, while Six Sigma is about reducing mistakes. Here’s how. PDCA PDCA, which stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act, is an integral part of Lean management. This four-step iterative […]

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All about Fault Tree Analysis

In the field of engineering, anticipating failure in projects is recognized as a showcase of an advanced process of making a product. Potential failures are to be identified before the development process initiates to successfully mitigate the risk. By doing risk management the production costs are reduced tremendously in further development. With the product being […]

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How Can Six Sigma Improve Your Social Media Marketing

How Can Six Sigma Improve Your Social Media Marketing?

Six Sigma emphasizes creating processes that bring maximum value to customers while simultaneously keeping waste to a minimum. To put it simply, you should be able to produce high-quality products and services for your customers. But at the same time, the resources being poured into the possible need to be minimal. Once you understand the […]

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what is the pareto principle

What is the Pareto Principle?

The Pareto principle is known as the 80/20 rule. It states that in any given scenario, 80% of the outcomes are the result of 20% of causes. The principal was named after Vilfredo Pareto, a professional economist from Italy, who observed that 20 percent of the people were responsible for 80 percent of the nation’s […]

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Project Management Training

New Project Management Training from SixSigma.us

Six Sigma tools are indeed important tools for getting better project results.  The same can be said for Project Management methods are important for getting better Six Sigma results. Studying Project Management to the level required to earn certification from PMI is one approach, but takes years of time, for you and your company.  Even […]

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Effective Problem Solving with a Problem Statement

Effective Problem Solving with a Problem Statement

On an ongoing project or task, you will likely need to solve problems with some unique skillset and methodology. When things get tough, you may want to show your employer the complex challenge that might arise in your job. This is where effective problem-solving skills shine and makes it one of the most sought-after talents […]

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6Sigma is ISSSP approved accreditation provider

Six Sigma has shown its potential in the 80s and 90s, and today many organizations and businesses are searching for individuals who have Six Sigma knowledge to excel in their business. Due to its popularity, the demand for Six Sigma has increased dramatically in recent years. As per the basic economic law, when the demand […]

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process behavior charts

Top 3 Process Behavior Charts

“Process behavior chart” or “control chart” is such a broad term. When you have decided to track the performance of a process visually using a process behavior chart as one of the tools, you have to settle on which chart type to use. While there a number of control charts to choose from, there are […]

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Process Mapping

Process Mapping — Implementation and its Benefits

A process map is a representation that illustrates graphical sequences of activities within a business process. They represent activities in a step-manner that helps the user to understand how a product/service is being made or how it is being carried out. Process maps create a laymen’s understanding for users for better understanding and to find […]

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project management

How Does Six Sigma Relate to Project Management?

Six Sigma is an effective methodology that helps organizations improve processes using a data-driven approach. When an organization launches a product, it uses a variety of processes to make it a success. This is where Six Sigma comes in to help the project management team make their processes more efficient. That way, they can complete […]

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Lean six sigma

Lean — The 8 Wastes

8 Wastes of lean Taiichi Ohno — a Japanese Industrial Engineer, was known as the father of the Toyota Production System. While searching for better ways for process improvement and to optimize resources, Ohno identified 7 lean wastes (Muda in Japanese) of lean manufacturing (the 8th waste was added in the 90s). The 8 wastes […]

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yellow belt training

Why You Should Get Yellow Belt Training

The Yellow Belt certification was recently introduced in the world of Six Sigma. As you can imagine, it is not quite as popular as the Green Belt or Black Belt certification. However, its importance cannot be understated. It offers functional and foundational knowledge to aspiring Six Sigma specialists. This allows them to enter the exciting […]

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Lean benefits

Understanding Lean and its Benefits

During the 90s, Toyota’s business value was half of General Motors and 2/3rds of Ford. Today, Toyota boasts more than 50% of revenue than General Motors and Ford. An interesting fact to learn here is that Toyota today is valued more than GM, Ford and Honda combined. So, the question arises, what went different? A […]

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improve logistics

How to Improve Logistics With Six Sigma?

When it comes to reducing variation in the manufacturing process, Six Sigma has proven to be an effective methodology. It allows organizations to streamline their operations by reducing or eliminating defects in production processes. As such, the business output is improved, leading to cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and increased bottom line. And with its emphasis […]

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