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Six Sigma Online Training: The Secret To Success

You may be used to going to a location for a class, such as a college or university, or maybe a site where classes are conducted on a schedule. You sign up and the day comes and you show up with a “first day of school mindset” and take the class. Most individuals feel that a […]

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Six Sigma - Manufacturing Sector DFSS

DFSS: Designing With Perfection in Six Sigma

It is not a secret that business owners that have products they manufacture are constantly making adjustments. These adjustments are made in the manufacturing or production processes; they may even have to eat part of the profits in refunds because of product or service malfunctions, or failure to meet customer expectations. The kiss of death for […]

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green process management

Green Process Management a La Six Sigma

The word “sustainability” has become the word that is going to save the world. It is a new buzzword that everyone talks about, when in actuality it’s what Lean Six Sigma has been promoting all along. How does it do this? By removing waste, cutting down costs, and being inclusive in the workplace. Here at 6sigma.us […]

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six sigma

The Most Complete Minitab Training and It’s Online!

Developed to work hand in hand with Six Sigma, Minitab software was designed to help you analyze data, which is the mainstay of Six Sigma projects. The capabilities of this software are limitless and far exceed what is used in most Six Sigma projects, regardless of the industry. Minitab was designed to grow with your […]

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6sigma.us labor day

Lean Six Sigma Labor Day Roundup for 2020

This year has been a challenging one to say the least. The year 2020 brought us many changes and obstacles to overcome. In the name of Six Sigma, we were ready to provide a solution or at the very least a suggestion that would put you in the right direction towards a permanent solution. COVID-19 […]

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Ways To Listen Loud and Clear With Your Customers

There is an unsaid understanding that we (ourselves) are the world’s best most loyal customers unless we are given a reason otherwise. So it is with that mindset that you think about this infographic as you view it.  In recent events, many small and large businesses have been put to the test. The COVID pandemic […]

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lean IT

Lean and IT…It’s the Future Right Now

There isn’t a better time than now to introduce the genius of Lean Six Sigma to online software development, especially if you work in information technology. This course will help you navigate through the ground floor of this exciting merger!  Lean Introduction in Information Technology: What You Will Learn as It Applies to IT Lean […]

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lean training

Lean Training for the Real World and It’s Virtual!

If you are a doubting Thomas or Tammy and don’t think that you can get real-world training online, well you haven’t seen what we have to offer in our virtual classroom training! Let’s take a look at our Lean Six Sigma training. We offer three levels of Lean training. You can sign up for all […]

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six sigma project champion

The Unsung Lean Six Sigma Champions

When we think of the sports fans at a sporting event, or the audience at an awards ceremony, we never think they play an important role in the actual event. But they do — the audiences provide the energy and motivation to cheer their teams or the recipient of the award on.  The same goes […]

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Root Cause Analysis: Most Important 5 Whys

Root Cause Analysis: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Have you ever wondered why it is that the same issue happens over and over again even after you have addressed it? The answer is simple: There is an underlying cause that you haven’t found. Once you find it and fix it, poof, the issue disappears forever! This is the reason our 3-day Six Sigma Root […]

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scrum master

How and Why to become a Certified ScrumMaster?

Before examining the duties of a ScrumMaster, one should first grasp the concept of the Scrum framework itself. For means of definition, Scrum is a lightweight agile management framework mainly used on all levels of a software development process. It consists of an iterative approach that allows for flexibility and adaptive skills within a changing […]

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white belt

White Belt Training: Start Your Six Sigma Adventure

There is an old saying by Roman philosopher Seneca. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Six Sigma is that preparation that will make you rise to the top when you meet an opportunity. Six Sigma is all about working efficiently and effectively, which will save in production costs and time, which means your […]

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Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology and the art of successful software development

Those who work in or close to the software development industry are surely aware that there is a certain “art” unique to software development in the sphere of engineering projects. Software development requires adaptable and flexible team dynamics, allowing for a team that is able to react to challenges quicker. This is what agile methodology […]

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DFSS design for six sigma

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Important Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

When General Electric decided to implement Six Sigma into the company way back in the day, it is safe to assume that they felt that the company was already running very efficiently and making a huge profit.  Well, the powers that be figured out that there’s more than one way to increase profits. That’s the […]

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six sigma training

Have You Ever Thought About Being a ScrumMaster?

If you have ever been curious about learning other methodologies such as Agile for improved efficiency and effectiveness, then you have come to the right place. Learn about our new Scrum Master certification course! The course provides an overview of the relative Scrum methodologies and their respective implementation, and outlines the Scrum framework for means of […]

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The importance of the ScrumMaster for Agile and ITIL teams

What is Scrum? Scrum is a methodology often used in Agile software development and other types of project management. Scrum enables aspiring or existing high-performance teams to accelerate decision-making in accordance with Agile principles. Agile, as characterized by the partition of action-items into shorter phases of work and regular revision of strategy, is quintessential to the Scrum method. Lending […]

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root cause analysis

The Secret Ingredient of a Six Sigma Manager

What is the secret ingredient of a great Six Sigma manager? Well, let’s start off with the obvious before we get to the nitty gritty. The first ingredient is knowledge of the topic or subject at hand. This means study of the subject in an educational setting where you are introduced to the different components […]

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America Has Always Celebrated Opportunity

With these uncertain times, there is a damper on the nation’s most beloved Fourth of July holiday celebrations, with all the fanfare and beautiful expressions of love for our freedom being put on hold. But don’t let our current challenges take away your motivation and drive. Even though we are going through a tough period right […]

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Lean in with Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma: Celebrating the Methodology

When you think about Lean and Six Sigma as separate entities, it is easy to see how they fit together like a glove. Many feel that Lean and Six Sigma are saying the same thing in different ways. No, the similarity that they both share is in that they have the same goal, which is […]

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voice of the customer infographic

Infographic: Voice of the Customer

The customer is the most important part of your business; they determine if your product or service is worth their hard-earned money. With the new normal we are experiencing now, it is imperative that you find out what your customers wants and needs are. How do you find all this out in a global economy? […]

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