Apply the Correct Data By Targeting Your Audience and Questions

Quantitative surveys are a short, relatively easy way to find out specific information. These surveys have the primary goal to quantify something so that a numeric or statistical value can be obtained. The questions are to be short, concise and specific. Sometimes these questions work together in that the question would either rule out or […]

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Get the Six Sigma Fundamentals with White Belt Training

As many of those involved in Six Sigma have noticed, Six Sigma is very progressive and has kept up with the times. There is a traditional base to the methodology, but with the use of technology, it stays relevant to modern business practices. This takes education and exercising those Six Sigma muscles! The best way […]

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vonigo 6sigma CEO Peter Peterka Interviewed for Vonigo

Spreading the Six Sigma philosophy comes second nature to CEO and founder Peter Peterka, who was recently interviewed for Vonigo’s blog on how service companies can improve the customer experience in 2019. Vonigo is a business management software that helps service companies manage their business, offering everything from online booking to sales management tools. Service […]

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google analytics voice of the customer

Six Sigma and Google Analytics: The Perfect Pairing

Believe it or not, using Google analytics with Six Sigma methodologies can make your business even more powerful. Since Six Sigma is a data-driven practice, Google Analytics can give you powerful data that you need to make your business grow at a rapid speed. Just plain data for data sake is meaningless unless you know […]

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design for manufacturing dfm

DFM: The High Cost of Manufacturing Can Be Solved

When designing a new product, you might get caught up in the excitement of the possibilities of the success of the product, so much so that using the Six Sigma template for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) might not have caught your eye. Yet, it should be the very first place you go before you start […]

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six sigma training

Follow Directions with Six Sigma or Fail

There is a reason that steps were created to follow for success when you decide to use Six Sigma methodologies. The naysayers that say Six Sigma doesn’t work may be impatient and start skipping steps, or perhaps it is due to lack of support. The point is if the correct conditions aren’t met, you will […]

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animal rescue lean six sigma

The Praises of Lean Six Sigma in Animal Rescue

Animal rescues could all benefit from subscribing to Lean Six Sigma tools, but only a few actually use Lean Six Sigma as part of their philosophy. Well, one such success story in the animal rescue industry is that of William Brown III, who is the CEO of the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.  William Brown […]

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quality six sigma

Quality Six Sigma Style is Important on Many Levels

Quality control in Six Sigma is an ongoing endeavor and requires a mindset of having a success rate of 99.9997%. This requires consistent monitoring for defects, waste, and variation using specific Lean Six Sigma tools, such as: Value Stream Mapping Regression Analysis Pareto Chart Kaizen  Poke-Yoke Now let’s talk about what creates a habit. A […]

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The Kaizen Mindset Forever

Kaizen should be a way of life for all things; it is a mindset of small continuous improvements. Let’s use a simple example that many can relate to. Let’s say you own a house, and that house eventually will need to be painted, a new roof, new flooring or perhaps a new kitchen. What most […]

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six sigma webinars

Free ISSSP Lean Six Sigma Webinar

Have you ever wished that there was one place where all the resources about Lean Six Sigma were made available to you? A place where you could get all your Lean Six Sigma questions answered accurately, by Lean Six Sigma experts? Well, your wish has come true — ISSSP is just that place! The International […]

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dmaic template

Use the Six Sigma DMAIC Tool and They Will Listen

Clean up your way of communicating by using Six Sigma DMAIC. The main issue with people not being heard is they aren’t communicating in an effective and concise way. Ever notice that when someone is passionate about a topic, their tone is different? That’s because they are well-versed on the subject matter.  When discussing topics […]

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project charter define phase

The Project Charter and Define Phase Are Inseparable

When working towards process improvements, believe it or not, the Define phase of DMAIC takes on an extra level of importance. Why? Well, you can’t assume that everyone is going to interpret the cause of the issue or problem in the same way. So the structured template of the Define phase covers all bases. The […]

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jumpstart six sigma training

Get on Board with Our Six Sigma Jumpstart Course

With the current demands on your time, what do you if you are truly motivated to understand the Lean Six Sigma roadmap so that you can get started on that project you’ve been putting off at work? STOP! has the solution and it’s called Jumpstart! We’ll cover the basics on how to scope your […]

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Lean Six Sigma For Good: Book by Brion Hurley

Brion Hurley decided enough is enough — we need to start fixing things now for our future generations. Brion gets his superpower from Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. In his new book, titled “Lean Six Sigma For Good,” Brion states that Lean and Six Sigma work to solve issues in nonprofit organizations as it does […]

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voice of customer

In the World of Six Sigma It’s All About the Customer

Those who aren’t familiar with Six Sigma may not know about the Voice of Customer (VOC) tool and its importance. They feel that if you give a customer too much, that it might cost your business too much money and furthermore it would be a waste. This could not be further from the truth! Listening […]

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minitab training

Six Sigma Software, Minitab

Minitab is a great Six Sigma software for collecting the exact data you need, regardless of the industry you’re in. Here at 6Sigma, we have a great book that will give you all the information you need to use Minitab, Applying Six Sigma Using Minitab 3rd Edition. As we all know, Six Sigma is all about […]

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root cause analysis course

Six Sigma’s Root Cause Analysis Is a Must for Business

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one fundamental Six Sigma methodology that will change your life. It will give you subtle confidence when issues occur, helping you get to the root of the problem. The best part of the methodology are the tools; they can be used to get to the root of any problem in […]

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lean fundamental

Get to Know Your Lean Fundamentals

We are well into 2019, and it’s time to challenge yourself into making a real impact in your business. is offering classes for both beginner or advanced Six Sigma students.  Today we are throwing focus on Six Sigma’s Lean Fundamentals Course with Certification. This is undoubtedly the best around. Remember, “Lean” centers around the […]

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Happy Holidays from the Family

As 2018 comes to a close and the holidays are approaching, we reflect on what a great year it has been!  Our offices at will be closed December 24-25 so that our 6Sigma family can spend time celebrating the holidays with their families and friends.  All of us at want to take this […]

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root cause analysis

Top Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Course at

Have you wanted to solve an issue or problem and get to the root cause so it won’t happen again? Perhaps you have a problem with an unknown cause. Do you know how to solve a problem with an unknown cause? If these questions have piqued your interest, then our 3-day course at, appropriately […]

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