Honolulu lean training

Get Lean In Honolulu…Lean Six Sigma That Is!

Honolulu is a dream destination, and we paired it up with the dream class to learn and get started with Lean Six Sigma! You will meet other like-minded individuals who are serious about their careers and businesses. In today’s fluctuating economy, you can’t afford not to have Lean Six Sigma in your corner. We are […]

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six sigma time management

Six Sigma and Time Management in Your Personal Life

When you think of Six Sigma methodologies, you think of getting rid of waste and making your work processes more efficient and effective. While this is helpful for your business or company, how could we also use Six Sigma to improve the quality of our personal lives?  The answer is easy! You use Six Sigma […]

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six sigma methodologies

Use Six Sigma Methodologies to Arrive at Perfection

It’s a known fact that practice makes perfect, meaning the more you do something, the closer to perfection you will get on that particular task. Six Sigma methodologies aren’t any different. There is an arrival to being an expert.  The example we will use happened a couple of weeks ago. A colleague of ours has […]

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Six Sigma Implementation

INFOGRAPHIC: Important Benefits of Six Sigma Implementation

It’s not a secret that with the economy being the way it is, businesses can fold at a moment’s notice. The solution to this issue is to work smarter; working smarter means implementing Six Sigma. Six Sigma sets your priorities and makes sure you are working effectively and efficiently by eliminating waste. This will ultimately […]

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key principles six sigma

Six Sigma Key Principles: An Overview

Let’s get some clarity on the elements in Six Sigma that keep you focused on the right path. These are also known as key principles. The focus is on the customer: The quality of your product or service depends solely on what your customer considers quality. The product or service that your company manufactures or […]

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master black belt

The Best Master Black Belt Training Is like Visiting Disney World

Do you remember as a child going to Disney World and being completely immersed in the interactive world you were thrown in? Everything was so real that you couldn’t stop talking about it for days, even weeks because the experience was real. That’s exactly how the Master Black Belt class that starts September 23rd, 2019 […]

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lean six sigma

Six Sigma: Continue to Make Learning a Top Priority

The world of Six Sigma isn’t just about knowing the acronyms DMAIC, DFSS, CTQ or COPQ. No, it is about knowing how to apply these different tools into real-world situations.  Knowing how to apply Six Sigma tools, templates, or methodologies is something you arrive at by working at it. Just for a quick review, let’s […]

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roadmap dmaic

DMAIC: Your Business Process Has a Unique Map

We believe this map is as valuable as a map to find a lost treasure! Known as the DMAIC, this roadmap starts out by asking you to: Define the problem.  Measure current performance through the use of data Analyze your current process to determine the causes of the variations Improve the process by removing the […]

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ikea six sigma

Six Sigma and IKEA

IKEA is a privately owned global company, but like any other global company, there was the issue of dissatisfied customers with the delivery of products, specifically late delivery and merchandise arriving damaged. IKEA decided to use the Six Sigma DMAIC approach, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. This would give Ikea the […]

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Kanban Reduces Overhead Expenses

In running a successful manufacturing business, making a profit and offering great prices for high-quality products can be a balancing act. In fact, it may seem like you’re being pulled in many different directions just to keep up! One way to keep costs down while still producing what you need is by using Kanban practices.  […]

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six sigma

Six Sigma Tools Important for Business Growth

Most organizations will have a predetermined level of quality that they want to achieve, which is great for increasing their efficiency levels to obtain their goal. What if your organization has an even higher potential? Six Sigma methodologies, as well as Lean tools, are very important to grow your business to its full potential. There isn’t […]

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muda lean six sigma

Waste Not Want Not: Determining Muda

When we speak of Lean tools and techniques, we know that Lean focus is on waste reduction. This includes removal of any activity that is of no value in the business process that it takes to create that product or service. So, it is in that spirit that we will review the categories of Lean […]

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six sigma acronyms

Six Sigma Acronyms and Their Usage

The genius of Lean Six Sigma is its simplicity to correct manufacturing issues. In its attempt to make the phases easy to remember, acronyms were developed. The acronyms seem similar but are different in mindset and intent. As most of you already know, the mindset and intent are very important in all Six Sigma and […]

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texas board case study

Six Sigma Case Study: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Introduction The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is a growing state agency with increasing volumes of records to manage. Previously, most of TDLR’s records were housed at one of the State’s primary storage and archive facilities. In 2012, when accounts receivable verified that the cost to store the agency’s records and documents had […]

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5s tool

Lean Six Sigma 5S Tool for Decluttering

Clutter can be annoying or at its extreme even detrimental to a home or workspace. Clutter happens when you least expect it; for example, you save a magazine so that you can read it later. Then before you know it, you have an entire lifetime of National Geographic magazines stored in your closet! Lean’s 5S […]

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Sales and Marketing: Six Sigma Food For Thought

Most sales professionals view sales and marketing as an art form, requiring improvisational skills, creativity, and thinking on your feet. What about a Lean Six Sigma process approach to sales and marketing? First, let’s look at the Lean part. Lean focuses on reducing all forms of waste. The Six Sigma part is the data-driven part […]

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Kaizen is Essential For Business

When it comes to matters of business improvement, it doesn’t matter the size of the business or the industry. All businesses change over time, and if you get complacent then your business could be in for a rude awakening. A Kaizen mindset is the secret of many successful businesses. Basically, small continuous improvements will add up […]

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Six Sigma: A Path Towards a Stress-Free Work Environment

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, those who have implemented Six Sigma methodologies and tools have seen an improvement in the company staff’s work-life balance, which has turned into a rise in employee loyalty. Importance of Work-Life Balance   When a good work-life balance is cultivated, this keeps stress levels down. Chronic […]

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Apply the Correct Data By Targeting Your Audience and Questions

Quantitative surveys are a short, relatively easy way to find out specific information. These surveys have the primary goal to quantify something so that a numeric or statistical value can be obtained. The questions are to be short, concise and specific. Sometimes these questions work together in that the question would either rule out or […]

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Get the Six Sigma Fundamentals with White Belt Training

As many of those involved in Six Sigma have noticed, Six Sigma is very progressive and has kept up with the times. There is a traditional base to the methodology, but with the use of technology, it stays relevant to modern business practices. This takes education and exercising those Six Sigma muscles! The best way […]

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