Kaizen continuous improvement

All you need to know about Kaizen

What is Kaizen? Kaizen is a strategy where employees at all levels of a company work proactively to accomplish steady incremental improvements to the business processes. In a sense, it’s a unification of collective talents within an organization to create a powerful engine improvement with the help of kaizen events. Kaizen is the core concept […]

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Techniques for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

How Root Cause Analysis can help a business grow?

Every month, your team seems to be working hard to meet the goals. Yet, each month, you find that your team is lagging behind. In February, someone told you about some software glitch — so you bought new software. In March, you heard someone say about a shortage of marketing materials was causing the problem […]

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Six Sigma Virtual Training Program

Benefits of Six Sigma Virtual Training

In the business training and leadership development industry, more and more organizations are transitioning towards the virtual training environment. It’s a new type of learning process that has found its way into the market due to the recent digital disruption. In this type of training, one can complete it online either in an on-demand or […]

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Ishikawa diagram

When to use Ishikawa Diagram?

What is Ishikawa diagram? The Ishikawa diagram portrays the causes of an effect and is used in manufacturing and other services such as product development. It outlines a process and its steps, shows where quality control problems might appear, and determines which resources are needed at given times.  Who invented it? It was first designed […]

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Benefits of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Training

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) is a powerful process management process used in many industries. It’s a collection of best practices and methodologies that help companies develop new products with minimal hassles. DFSS was conceptualized at industrial powerhouse General Electric and has since spread to many other sectors. This article will explain the benefits of […]

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six sigma certification

Six Sigma Certification Requirements

Six Sigma Certification offers many benefits but isn’t an easy path. People who want to get certified up to the Master Black Belt level must spend years studying and honing their management skills. There’s a lot to learn along the way, but don’t fret. The journey is exciting and full of interesting challenges that’ll impact […]

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Master Black Belt

Salary Expectations for a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Holder

Six Sigma certification is a good thing if you’re interested in improving processes at your organization and earning a lucrative paycheck for your skills. Companies realize the effort and knowledge required to earn Six Sigma certification up to the Black Belt level and are willing to pay top dollar for qualified professionals. Compensation for Black […]

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six sigma

Six Sigma and Electric Mobility

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is booming and helping to usher in a renewable energy future. The demand for EVs has surged worldwide, posing a challenge for the industry to meet the escalating demand. However, Six Sigma, a management technique, is helping the industry solve its challenges in several ways, which we’ll examine in this […]

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Image: Six Sigma Tools for the Automobile Industry

4 Six Sigma Tools for The Automobile Industry

In every industry, there’s bound to be stiff competition. And due to the increasing economic globalization, it keeps getting tougher each year. Organizations are facing a lot of pressure to increase their efficiency and productivity to remain competitive, especially when it comes to manufacturing. This includes the manufacturing of automobiles.  Not only that, but more […]

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lean it

The Importance of Lean IT and Its Benefits

For teams to succeed, whether in manufacturing or information technology (IT), there needs to be continuous improvement. Teams need to focus on small changes that add up to big improvements that, ultimately, lead to customer satisfaction. This is where Lean comes in, with the tool and techniques necessary for teams to improve not only business […]

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Image: Lean Methodology Tools

4 Lean Methodology Tools Everyone Should Know

Lean methodology is the go-to strategy for reducing waste and improving organizational productivity. Lean techniques help companies improve their efficiency, and they’re often willing to pay top dollar for experts in these techniques. This article will introduce you to the four main Lean methodology tools everyone should know about. Learn more about our Lean training. 1. […]

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lean production

Eliminating Waste Through Lean Production

Making sure the production process is Lean is what many successful organizations do. They use the least amount of resources while maximizing output and ensuring that customers get what they asked for well ahead of time. This might sound expensive or a lot of trouble, but if done right, Lean can save an organization a […]

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six sigma green belt project

How to Get the Most Out of Your Six Sigma Green Belt Projects

Progressing faster through the ranks of Six Sigma requires you to understand the field more deeply, and make certain decisions driven by the motivation to move up. When taking on new projects for your green belt, for example, you’ll want to make sure that you hit certain points hard enough to make a noticeable impact. […]

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Six Sigma online training

How Six Sigma Online Training Enhances Learning Experience

Many professionals recognize the benefits of Six Sigma for their organization and/or their career. They understand that Six Sigma gives them a flexible toolset for improving quality in their organization by eliminating defects and costly errors. For their career, it means they become highly demanded, on top of being able to move on to better […]

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six sigma online

3 Ways Learning Six Sigma Online is Better Than On-Site Learning?

Many people around the world are increasingly using online learning or e-learning to get their Six Sigma certificates. Due to the benefits e-learning provides, even organizations are seeing it as a viable option to empower their workforce with Six Sigma knowledge and skills. But what would make employers consider online learning over on-site learning? Here […]

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infrastructure implementation

Six Sigma Projects: Infrastructure Implementation

Six Sigma has different types of projects that can be conducted. Green Belts and Black Belts usually focus on process improvement projects, which are part of the five Six Sigma projects. The other types of projects are Quick Win, process design, process redesign and, of course, infrastructure implementation. Infrastructure implementation is mostly about ensuring the […]

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software development

Can Six Sigma Help With Software Development?

The DMAIC methodology is at the base of all things Six Sigma. The steps in the methodology are what organizations utilize whenever there is a need for process improvement. This is no different for software development companies, especially in regards to the software development life cycle. The software development cycle as a whole is complex, […]

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affinity diagram

Effective Brainstorming With Affinity Diagrams

Brainstorming sessions and the affinity diagram or tree diagram go together well. With it, teams can control the brainstorming process and systemically tackle a recurring issue efficiently and effectively. The tree diagram works by allowing the project team to brainstorm a lot of ideas and group them homogenous into categories. This allows the team to […]

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Using Six Sigma to Prevent Insurance Fraud

People commit insurance fraud, which costs the industry millions. While insurance fraud is hard to detect, with the right tools in place, insurance companies can stay vigilant. This can allow them to be proactive and recognize when fraud is about to happen and stop it before the damage is done. One of the tools that […]

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