Six Sigma CEU Credit

Should My Six Sigma Course Contain CEU Credit?

Six Sigma has become a worldwide phenomenon, helping improve business processes in some of the world’s largest companies. But before any Six Sigma professional can get to this stage, they must first receive certification. If you are the provider of a Six Sigma course, consider the following. Should your Six Sigma course contain a CEU […]

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Everything About Six Sigma

Everything You Wanted to Know About Six Sigma

Two questions first. 1. Have you recently come across the news of some company drastically improve their performance levels or another claiming to triple their annual turnover, or even have better employee harmony? Wondered how? 2. Are you one of the many hapless business people wishing for a spray of pixie dust to miraculously save […]

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Difference between LSS and Six Sigma

Difference between: Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma vs Six Sigma Lean and the Six Sigma business strategies have proven in the past two decades that it is possible to achieve significant improvements in terms quality, cost efficiency and time by focusing and upgrading performance of various in-house processes. Whereas Six Sigma is focused on reducing process fluctuations and improving […]

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Kaizen Continuous Improvement

Kaizen and the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement in Change Management

Effective change management involves not just imposing a new process on a team but engaging them with a new way of thinking, that makes ongoing process improvement the norm. One of the frameworks used to embed this new philosophy within the psyche of an organization is the PDCA framework often termed (in Six Sigma-speak) Kaizen. […]

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six sigma business failure

Failure: Why do Great Six Sigma Project Teams Still Fail?

Six Sigma is defined by teamwork, which, in turn, influences the success of Six Sigma projects. However, even the most foolproof projects can collapse under their own weight if you aren’t careful. And what factor, more than any other, causes these project failures? The answer: Six Sigma project teams. If your team isn’t up to […]

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Six Sigma Call Center

Six Sigma Calling: 9 Ways to Improve Call Center Quality

You might not associate Six Sigma and call centers right away, and we wouldn’t blame you! However, they rely on efficient processes, and high quality control, to maintain optimal results. This makes it the perfect environment to use Six Sigma, maximizing results and upholding quality. Read on and learn how Six Sigma principles can be used to increase call center quality. […]

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Six Sigma DMAIC solves business problem

How Six Sigma DMAIC Can Solve Your Business Problem

Many reasons exist for a business failure but the technique to solve the business problem is not reinvented each time we face problems. The methodology to solve the business problem is merely conceivable through the ‘Continuous Process Improvement’. Continuous process improvement is considered as one of the techniques to react to the business problem or […]

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Image: DMAIC Approach in Lean Six Sigma

DMAIC Approach in Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma Concepts are used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business performance. The statistical representation of Six Sigma describes the performance of the process. A process is said to achieve Six Sigma only if it doesn’t produce more than 3.4 defects per million (DPM) opportunities. Six Sigma focuses on process improvement and reduces […]

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Understanding 5S in Kaizen

Understanding the 5S’s of Kaizen

Let’s look now at details of the 5S’s of the Kaizen continuous improvement approach. Let’s first note that 5S is the name of a way of organizing the workplace. The letter S refers to the first letter of each of 5 words. Each is a Japanese word starting with this S sound. When you use […]

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Kaizen Helps You Generate Business Opportunities

Discover How Kaizen Helps You Generate Business Opportunities

Let’s look more closely now at generating business opportunities and how the continuous improvement approach of Kaizen can help. Kaizen and business opportunities When we look at business opportunities, we can think of new businesses and new opportunities for existing businesses. Kaizen can help you create an atmosphere of continuous improvement to give you a […]

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Discover Kaizen Methods - New Way

Discover Kaizen Methods – A New Way

Let’s look now at the specific methods you can use to benefit from the Kaizen approach. These methods can help you improve productivity and quality to give you a competitive edge and improve business results. The Toyota experience of using Kaizen shows how you can improve competitiveness and results using the continuous improvement approach of […]

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Getting Your Business Competitive Edge With Kaizen

Getting Your Business Competitive Edge With Kaizen

Let’s see how Japan became more competitive and what you can do in a similar way. After World War II, American experts helped to rebuild Japanese industry. The first program about Kaizen appeared in the 1950s when the concept began to emerge as a major force in industry. Edwards Deming played a key role as […]

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Know About Kaizen Philosophy

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kaizen Philosophy

The philosophy of Kaizen has many facets, and the basic idea behind the philosophy involves improvement and change. This improvement ties into the success and competitiveness of an organization. Let’s see how? What’s in a Word Kaizen is a Japanese word that means change for the better. When applied to an organization this change means […]

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Image: Lean Six Sigma - Beginner’s Guide

Lean Six Sigma – Beginner’s Guide

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is firstly introduced by Bill Smith, Motorola’s engineer in 1986 as a multi tools and techniques for continuous improvement. Then used as a central business strategy in 1995 at General Electric. Since then it is widely used in various industrial and services sectors. Six Sigma main goal is to […]

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leadership, business, project manager, six sigma, lean six sigma, 6sigma.us

What Makes a Fantastic Six Sigma Project Manager?

So you’ve got your Six Sigma certificate? But now what do you do? Where do you even begin? Being a Six Sigma project manager can be hard work, but it’s also very rewarding. The hardest part is over. Now you just need to demonstrate the same level of expertise as a Six Sigma project manager. […]

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Process flow diagram

Find Your Flow: Process Flow Diagrams for Beginners

What is Process Flow Diagram? A Process Flow Diagram is a graphical tool depicting the steps of a process in a serial order. The intrinsic reason behind it is to include all of the steps that are critical to the process. Flow diagrams are used by the team to visualize the process, and often annotate […]

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Six Sigma Training CEU Credit

MBA Or Six Sigma Training – Which is Better for You?

Six Sigma training can make you an asset for just about any employer. An MBA could land you a strong salary. Both are powerful tools that can be used to drive your career advancement, but which is better? For us, the answer is simple: they both have merit and are both good to have. This […]

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Business Benefits of Lean Consulting

Six Sigma in Education: Apply Lean Principles to Your Sector

Six Sigma and Lean principles drive change, allowing businesses to seek out and eliminate waste, cultivate process improvement, and transform profit margins. But the question is, can they be used in the education sector? And how will their application benefit you? Today we answer these questions as we look at how you can apply vital […]

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Relation between Kata and Kaizen

We are all actively seeking to improve ourselves. It does not matter if we are working on improving ourselves as individuals, or the company that we work for, constant change is the key to success. Kaizen and Kata go hand-in-hand, when it comes to small-scale improvements. They are very much the same, but they have […]

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What organizations are using Kata

What organizations are using Kata?

When it comes to a healthy workplace, it is safe to say that organization and careful planning are two of the key factors that go into making sure the business is set up for success. If there is no organization, things start to fall through, communication breaks down, and before you know it, everyone is […]

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