Image: Voice of the Process (VOP)

Voice of the Process. Drive Data-Driven Operational Excellence

Companies always look for ways to work smarter, cut unnecessary spending, and deliver great products and services to clients. During this important work, a helpful idea has emerged called the Voice of the Process or VOP. The VOP is like the heartbeat of your methods, sharing how they’re functioning, what they’re good at, and also […]

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social listening

Social Listening: Why It’s Important for Brands

If you’re not watching out for what your customers have been sharing about your brand on social media platforms, you’ve been missing out a great deal. Social listening is the art and science of gathering the voice of the customer (VOC) from social media platforms and can provide powerful actionable insights to increase profits and […]

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lean six sigma retail management

Lean Six Sigma and Retail Management

Retail management and Lean Six Sigma are the perfect partners for creating a dynamic of success. The fact is, Americans love to shop, and we demand a wide range of choices in shopping venues and products. America is considered the global home of retail, and we continue expanding the number of international retail giants.  U.S. […]

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food service industry

Can Six Sigma Be Used In a Restaurant?

Six Sigma is a methodology that is strongly rooted in reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of processes. When looking at it this way, rather than focusing on its origins in manufacturing, it is easy to see that it can be applied in almost any industry, including the foodservice industry. Indeed restaurant owners can use […]

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