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Harmonic Somfy

Somfy is one of many companies that sends attendees to our Lean Six Sigma training programs. From rolling shutters to interior shades and blinds, Somfy is the leading manufacturer of motorized window treatments for residential and commercial use. The company’s roots go all the way back to the 1750’s, when a watchmaker settled in the area of Cluses, France and kicked off the region’s reputation as an industrial juggernaut. Somfy was established in this region, originally a subsidiary of Carpano & Pons, a components manufacturer.

Somfy has adapted Lean principles throughout its manufacturing facilities, with much of its staff trained in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. 

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  • Webinar Training: conducted by an experienced Master Black Belt, offers an online interactive teaching approach
  • Blended Programs: a fast-paced combination of online and classroom training, perfect for the busy professional 

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This page exists since Harmonic Design Inc./Somfy is one of our past customers. We make no claim that Harmonic Design Inc./Somfy endorses or jointly offers programs with us.