Have a look at SixSigma.ru reviews:
The real-world applicable stories! Instructor has so much experience and at anytime we had trouble understanding a concept or how it could be applied, he told a story of how he has used it in the past. It was a lot to take in for a week, but the applicable real-world stories were the most relevant to me.
Instructor did such a great job of bringing in healthcare examples from her experience, tailoring her presentation exactly to the audience and keeping us engaged. Excellent!
I really liked how the class was engaging and encouraging of various opinions/situations. Also, it was great to hear so many real world examples from a wide variety of industries. The class was great!
Instructor was more engaging than my Green Belt instructor. He also reviewed my project after class (what I have completed thus far) which was very helpful! I had a few things to go back and correct.
Instructor's wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience really shone through. This course was chock full of information and he does an excellent job of bringing it back to the real world and sprinkling in examples of situations that he's worked through over the years. This really helped me envision how I could practically apply these techniques to my workplace.
Instructor was very knowledge and gave great examples. enough time was given to complete exercises, format for exercises were fun and easy to follow. appreciated all the breaks to be able to stay focused.
Well-organized training with a good combination of lectures and practice, chance to work with different people in different groups and sharpen skills with Minitab, highly professional and friendly instructor who's ready to answer and explain all questions about the 6Sigma methodology and help to understand the course better.
Instructor was extremely engaging and created an interactive learning environment. The ability to use real data to work through minitab was extremely helpful.
Worked with 6Sigma.US since 2006. They have an excellent team at 6Sigma.US and my instructor is himself a terrific trainer and communicator. We have used him from GB to MBB trainings and latest we had the pleasure of having him giving a champion training for our manufacturing senior management. This was a big success with his grounded approach not making Six Sigma more than it is than an excellent roadmap and tool for a structured approach to continued improvements not only for manufacturing processes but also for business processes. His Italian toilet stories were as always a big success making the complicated simple!
My instructor is a detailed oriented instructor and mentor who is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners and instructors in the science of Lean Six Sigma. His experience and ability to explain highly technical concepts and principles in a manner that is easily understood by his students in unmatched. His hands-on experience in various industries and applications enables him to use real-world examples that assist the students in fully understanding LSS concepts. It was truly an honor and pleasure to attend the classes; the knowledge I gain allowed me to execute projects that resulted in over $300K in cost avoidance. I recommend there services to any organization seeking to improve quality, reduce defects, and reduce costs.