Have a look at 6sigma.com reviews:
A new language-beginning a new adventure to a new land-and coming back to a culture I know with new eyes and ears.
Last week out four helps you better identify where in the project some tools are used. The instructor was great in addressing upcoming questions, he really took his time for individual project discussions.
The instructor is very well experienced in real applications and could share these learnings with the class
A lot of info relation and ways in which to understand the terms of analysis
Small group size allowed for increased discussion and flexibility to explore individual class interests
I believe that the major strengths were better understanding of statistical info and procedures to identify problems.
Great introduction to get us focused on potential projects and familiarity with Lean and SixSigma
The course was laid out well-in an easily understandable way. Minitab tool very useful in making six sigma seem "do-able".
Clear concepts and material. Everything was taught in logical progression with clear content and examples.
Excellent distinctions made between theory and practical application and between statistics and the logic.