Six Sigma Training in Costa Mesa CA

Since its beginnings as an agricultural community in the 1950s, Costa Mesa has completely transformed into a dynamic edge city in Southern California. Its economy in the last fifty years has moved completely away from farming, and the city is now home to strong retail and light manufacturing sectors. In fact, the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA is now one of the most productive retail centers in the entire country.

In a community with tremendous retail activity, competition between companies is cutthroat. Everyone is fighting for a larger piece of the millions of retail dollars that go through Costa Mesa. Many local companies are introducing Six Sigma training in Costa Mesa in order to find that competitive edge that will take their business to the next level. The success of these programs is obvious considering that many of Costa Mesa’s largest employers have recently instituted Six Sigma including Experian, IBM, and Hyundai.

Currently there is no training schedule available for Costa Mesa. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in nearby location

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How Has Six Sigma Helped These Businesses?

Six Sigma training in Costa Mesa provides employees with critical skills that companies need to be more competitive. As the U.S. economy has ebbed and waned in the last decade, companies have looked inward. Those that have been able to cut costs and produce their products more efficiently have come out of the recession stronger and better positioned to take advantage of recent economic growth.

With Six Sigma training, employees in Costa Mesa acquire the tools to make their businesses stronger through process excellence. The program teaches individuals how to use mathematics and statistics to determine which business processes are causing inefficiency and increasing an organization’s costs.

This completely changes the way organizations make business decisions. Instead of guessing which segments must be changed and how, Six Sigma does away with trial-and-error. The methodology uses concrete, quantitative data to verify exactly where the costs are coming from, so a business can make the right changes.

How Are Six Sigma Programs Taught?

Six Sigma training in Costa Mesa California is taught by Master Black Belts—individuals who have decades of experience applying these concepts to their own organizations. With their practical knowledge, they teach the program, so that it can be applied immediately to the participant’s own organization.

Though each program may vary depending on the needs of the students, generally these programs include teaching of the methodology, study of case studies, simulations, and practical application. Six Sigma can dramatically transform your business. Contact a Costa Mesa provider for more information.

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