Six Sigma Training in Alhambra, California

Alhambra is a historic city in Southern California. While it’s been swallowed up by the Los Angeles mega-structure, it manages to retain its small town charm and appeal. With a population pushing 84,000, it’s home to a significant number of businesses and residents. However, businesses in the area need to take note of the lessons learned during the previous recession to avoid the plight of so many other firms in town. Six Sigma training in Alhambra, California, can help ensure stability and even growth during these periods.

Why Six Sigma Training Matters

Why should business owners invest in Six Sigma training for Alhambra, CA, employees? There are plenty of reasons. First, many of the area’s top companies are doing so. You might find Six Sigma underpinning the efforts of many of Alhambra’s car dealerships (the single largest economic sector in town), including BMW, Honda and Nissan. You’ll find both Six Sigma and other similar practices at work in Toyota and Chrysler, as well. Even the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has considered the benefits offered by Six Sigma.

So, what makes Six Sigma so appealing and so important for area businesses? Simply put, your business can’t afford to be without it. Six Sigma training for Alhambra employees gives them the skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate processes and remove errors, inefficiencies and problems while building better stability, quality and efficiency. The result is a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, lower operating costs, reduced waste, a greener operation overall and better profitability. If that sounds attractive, then you need to invest in Six Sigma training for Alhambra professionals.

Currently there is no training schedule available for Alhambra. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in nearby location

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The First Step

The first step toward providing your employees with Six Sigma training is to determine the number of project teams you’ll need, and how many employees should comprise the team. You’ll need three to four team members, as well as a team leader (per team). You’ll also need support staff to work with the team, and possibly a Six Sigma advocate within your organization. This layout can be scaled to fit the size and needs of your business, of course.

Once you’ve determined the number of employees that need to go through training, you’ll need to locate a reputable training company. As there is no accreditation process here, you’ll need to judge your options based on their reputation and history in the industry.

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