Six Sigma Certification in Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa has a lot going for it when you consider that it’s the most populous city in California’s North Bay, North Coast and Wine Country with over 170,000 residents. Its proximity to both San Jose and San Francisco mean there are millions more people in the area though. This region which includes world famous Silicon Valley was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 200 best places for business and careers back in 2007.

Though the cost of living has gone up since then and affected business to some degree, Santa Rosa is still a great place for any company to call home. Of course, if you’re one of those companies, this means there is no shortage of competition waiting for you every single day.

This is why Six Sigma certification in Santa Rosa, California is so important. Few, if any, business practices can lay claim to the kinds of success stories Six Sigma can. Originally designed by Motorola in the 80s, Six Sigma was designed to overhaul their quality control program, which the telecommunications company worried was becoming a liability.

Later on, Jack Welch would pick up on Six Sigma and leverage it as the centerpiece of General Electric’s operations. Obviously, that seemed to work out pretty well. Other successful companies that have used Six Sigma include Amazon.com, Ford, Raytheon and 3M. Even the U.S. Army and Marines have dabbled in this powerful system.

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Six Sigma training in San Francisco

Six Sigma certification in Santa Rosa, California can help your company see improved results too. It’s not just for manufacturing either. Obviously, Amazon and the Marines aren’t producing products.

Instead, Six Sigma certification in Santa Rosa, California will show you how to identify areas where your company is falling short of its potential. Then, it gives you the toolbox you need to address these challenges. You’ll gain streamlined processes that promise efficiency and avoid unnecessary losses.

Maybe you don’t run a company. Perhaps you’re an employee. Six Sigma certification in Santa Rosa, California will still be useful. For one thing, it’s definitely going to look great on your resume. However, it will also help you approach your work with more precision and an analytical mindset on the lookout for flawed practices you can assist in revamping.

Don’t become apathetic to your company’s performance or comfortable with good enough. Six Sigma can not only show you what your company is capable of, it can show you the path for reaching that potential.

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