Six Sigma Certification in San Francisco

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Six Sigma Certification in San Francisco

Finding a rewarding career path is harder today than ever before. Not only do you face stiff competition from other job seekers, but you’re up against a dramatic change in how hirers choose the people they bring onboard. Increasingly, it’s not enough to have a college degree. Today’s hirers (including in-house promoters) are looking for something different – Six Sigma certification in San Francisco, California. Why does Six Sigma certification matter so much and what does it offer you, the job seeker?

Why It Matters

Six Sigma matters for a number of reasons, but the most important is the fact that this is the only proven process improvement method in the world. While there are others out there, this model is the only one based on science and mathematics. It’s the only one that can provide proven results. That makes it vital for businesses in every industry to institute Six Sigma programs, but it also means that they’re seeking to hire those who’ve gone through Six Sigma certification in San Francisco for unrelated jobs. More and more hirers want general staff who have at least a working knowledge of Six Sigma techniques.

What It Offers You

Going through Six Sigma certification in San Francisco can offer you, the job seeker, a number of benefits. First, it sets you apart from the competition. Between two otherwise equal candidates, you’ll stand out as the better choice. Second, it gives you the chance to earn more in a position. Six Sigma credentialed professionals bring more to the table, and hirers are willing to pay more to bring them into the company. That’s definitely good news for your bank account.

Choosing Your Path Forward

Charting your course through Six Sigma certification in San Francisco isn’t that difficult, but you will need to know a few things. First, where do you want to go in your career? Do you want the benefits offered by Six Sigma but don’t really have an interest in being a team member? If that’s the case, you’ll do well with white or yellow belt training. If you want the challenge of being a process improvement team member, you’ll need green belt training. Black belt training is for project managers, and you can go through both green and black belt training, or you can opt for a combined green to black belt program. Six Sigma certification for San Francisco professionals helps make you the best job candidate possible, opening up a bright future.

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