Six Sigma Certification in Phoenix, Arizona

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Every professional faces the question of how to make themselves more marketable, whether they’re looking for a new job or seeking a way to move up with their current employer. Professional education is the key, certainly, but there’s great disparity between the degree and education options available. They’re certainly not all the same, and even some of the most popular choices in the past are no longer necessarily the right option for you. However, there is one way to ensure that you have the most in-demand set of skills possible. Six Sigma certification in Phoenix, Arizona gives you the ability to land a job or promotion more easily.

Why Is Six Sigma the Right Path?

Why should you consider Six Sigma certification in Phoenix? Simply put, there’s no more in-demand set of skills. Six Sigma is about process improvement, and every business in every industry on the planet needs to improve its processes in order to build more customer loyalty and be more competitive. Companies today have to run leaner, with less waste, and that means processes need to be optimized, errors and problems removed, and the processes need to be monitored over the long term.

Six Sigma certification in Phoenix gives you the ability to do just that. With this skill set, you can dig down into a process and accurately determine what’s causing lost time and revenue. Then, you can model solutions and apply the most accurate, and then monitor the process. It makes you an invaluable asset to any company.

Choosing Your Education Level

Once you’ve decided that Six Sigma certification is for you, you’ll need to determine what belt level to pursue. There are five options, as well as some combination programs. White belt certification will put you in good stead if you want to apply for a staff position but not be part of a Six Sigma project team. The same applies to yellow belt training, but you’ll also learn how to deliver data to team members. Green belt training allows you to become a team member or leader, while black belt training will give you the chance to become a project manager. Higher-level management positions require master black belt training. You can also go through combined programs, including a green to black belt program and black to master black belt program.

Six Sigma certification in Phoenix ensures that you’re the most marketable candidate possible, with a skillset that all employers need.

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