Six Sigma Certification in Lexington, Kentucky

How competitive is your business? How much revenue do you lose each year through hidden inefficiencies and bottlenecks? Chances are good that you lose more than you think, and every single loss reduces your ability to compete within Lexington-Fayette, and the surrounding area, not to mention on the global market. There’s a way to fix that problem, though  Six Sigma certification for Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky professionals can give you a workforce that’s trained to identify and correct inefficiencies and errors in any business process, boosting your ability to compete on all levels.

What Does Six Sigma Do?

Understanding Six Sigma is important, and it’s actually simpler than you might think. It’s a method for improving processes. It began with IBM back in the 1980s and has since moved on to be adopted across all industries. That widespread adoption is due to its tremendous effectiveness in making companies more profitable. It works by first analyzing processes, and then identifying problem areas. Those areas go through further analysis, to identify the actual cause of the issue. This is an important point with Six Sigma Certification, Lexington-Fayette professionals are able to identify the cause of a problem, not just the problem itself. They’re able to treat the cause, not the symptom. Most other methods of process improvement treat nothing more than the symptoms, which is really nothing more than putting a tourniquet on the issue and hoping for the best. You can’t expect to run a profitable business that way.

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Choosing Six Sigma Belts

For business owners looking for Six Sigma certification for Lexington-Fayette staff, it’s important to choose the right courses. You’ll need the education to match each employee’s role in your organization and in the process improvement program as well. You should have general staff certified in Six Sigma, as well as support staff for your process team. You’ll need at least one process improvement team, as well at least one project manager as well.

You may also need higher-level support, analysis, and management. You can achieve this through white belt certification for general staff and yellow belt certification for general staff/support workers. Team members will need green belt training and project managers will need to earn their black belt certification. Finally, advocates and program managers (who handle multiple projects) will need to earn their master’s black belt. With Six Sigma certification, Lexington-Fayette businesses can stop the bleed of revenue loss and become more competitive than ever before.

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