Six Sigma Certification in Jackson, Mississippi

Though Jackson, Mississippi has been experiencing a declining population since 2000, over half a million people still call the metropolitan area home. Forbes has also listed it as one of the top three most affordable big cities to live in in the entire country. Jackson is also still home to a number of major industries like processed food, electrical machinery and equipment and fabricated and primary metal products. Outside of the city, agriculture is big business with lots of land dedicated to livestock cotton, soybean and poultry. Trustmark Corporation, Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. and other publicly traded companies are headquartered here. Ergon, a large and very successful privately traded company is a local business too.

Six Sigma certification in Jackson, Mississippi could be the key to your company joining these elite ranks. Unlike so many other business strategies out there, Six Sigma actually has a long history and many documented examples to prove it’s the real deal. After all, Motorola developed it nearly 30 years ago. This system’s intended goal was nothing if not ambitious as well: to limit manufacturing defects to just 3.4 across a million units.

Fortunately, Six Sigma certification in Jackson, Mississippi isn’t just for manufacturing companies. Just because you don’t make products doesn’t mean your company isn’t suffering from some kind of defect or another, right? How much do you think these issues are costing your company every year in terms of revenue? How much do you think it’s hurting your company in terms of lost opportunities?

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With Six Sigma certification in Jackson, Mississippi, you’ll have a much better idea what the answers to those questions are. However, you’ll also have the tools to address these problems too, in a manner that has proven to be successful.

Would companies like Ford, 3M, Amazon.com, Raytheon and Bank of America have used Six Sigma if it didn’t have beneficial results? Would the U.S. Army and Marines have done the same? Of course not!

This quality control system is about more than just putting out a better product or service too. Six Sigma certification in Jackson, Mississippi will also benefit your employees by helping them become more active and effective members of your company. Many businesses have reported that Six Sigma had a noticeable and positive impact on employee morale too.

Businesses today face countless options for bettering themselves, but none can compare to the proven successes that belong to Six Sigma.

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