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Six Sigma Certification Houston

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Six Sigma Certification in Houston

Houston is definitely a hub for industry, and it continues to grow, which means there are plenty of options for professionals in the area looking for the best way to improve their career prospects. Of course, if you want to really secure the right career, you need the right education. Increasingly, that means considering Six Sigma certification in Houston. What is Six Sigma and why should you consider this training as opposed to something a bit more “traditional”?

What Is Six Sigma Certification for Houston Professionals?

Six Sigma is a method for process improvement. It sounds deceptively simple, but there are some major implications here. It’s the only proven option that allows organizations to accurately determine what is causing errors and defects in their processes, and then make the necessary changes. It also allows monitoring and control of those processes. All other so-called process management solutions are based on conjecture and amount to little more than guessing at the problem. Six Sigma works on mathematics and statistics, offering immediate accuracy. Obviously, that offers significant benefits to organizations and businesses of all types.

Six Sigma Certification at Work in Houston

You might be surprised, but Six Sigma certification for Houston professionals is already well established. In fact, you’ll find the list below is only a fraction of the companies already instituting process improvement projects:

  • Friedkin Companies, Inc.
  • GCA Services Group
  • GDF SUEZ Energy North America, Inc.
  • Goodman Mfg. Company
  • Gulf States Toyota
  • Haliburton Energy Services
  • Harlan Laboratories, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Hunting Energy Services
  • IDev Technologies

Tips for Choosing the Right Six Sigma Certification for Houston Professionals

A quick glance at the field of Six Sigma will show you a range of different certification options. How do you ensure that you’re getting the right training? There’s good news. It’s actually relatively easy to choose your starting point, plus you can go through higher Six Sigma certification in Houston at a later date if you find you need to focus on a specific area.

White and yellow belt training both offer introductions to the world of Six Sigma and are good choices for any professional that won’t be part of a process improvement project, but who needs to apply Six Sigma principles to their daily work. Green belt training is the right starting point for team members and team leaders. Black and master black belt training is designed for management professionals and executives.

With just a little bit of comparison, you can choose the right Six Sigma certification in Houston for your needs now and in the future.

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