Six Sigma Certification in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

Would you like to make 2015 the best year in your company’s history? If so, you may be having trouble knowing where to start. It’s a tall order, especially when you consider how many businesses in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia were hit hard by the recession. Some didn’t even make it through.

Of course, there are also all kinds of ways you may be thinking about improving your business. You could take on consultants or hire employees who you’re sure will make a difference. Some companies may consider laying off staff so that they have more money to invest in other improvements.

Fortunately, it can be much simpler than this. With Six Sigma certification in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, you can join the ranks of hugely successful companies like Amazon, Boeing, Intel and Kraft General Foods. Even a number of local companies have made Six Sigma a part of their business processes. Johnson and Johnson, Eaton and Caterpillar are just a few examples.

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Six Sigma training in Atlanta

We’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves though. You may not be familiar with what Six Sigma certification in Athens-Clarke County, GA entails. To put it simply, it’s a collection of strategies that has efficiency as their main focus. Through the lens of Six Sigma, you’ll be able to find areas within your business processes where things aren’t getting done as they should and, consequently, are costing your company.

This may sound like a lot of hype, but Six Sigma certification in Athens-Clarke County has the track record to back it up. The strategy was invented by Motorola back in 1986. During the mid-80s, Motorola realized they had become their worst enemy in many ways. It was their own manufacturing process that was standing in their way.

Six Sigma was also Jack Welch’s weapon of choice to bring General Electric forward in 1995. Not only was he successful, but Fortune Magazine later named him the “Manager of the Century” for his efforts.

Will gaining Six Sigma certification in Athens-Clarke County gain you the same accolades? No, probably not. However, you will have every opportunity to take your current company and make it even more successful. Without unnecessary overhead in the way and potential losses occurring through your business process, who knows how far your business could go?

While Six Sigma may sound too good to be true in a number of ways, it has a history that proves it’s the real deal. Why not take the first step today and start making this business approach a part of your business’ protocols?

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