How Lean applies to the Service Industry

Lean is NOT Just for Manufacturing

Whether you need Lean Manufacturing, Lean Service, or some of both, the Lean Flow system provides a comprehensive solution.

Surprisingly, some of the biggest opportunities and most powerful results in a Lean Flow implementation come from service or transactional processes – even in a manufacturing company!  Typically at least 70% of the cost of a business is outside of the manufacturing floor, yet these processes are often ignored in process improvement efforts.

All Work is a Process

The most basic concept in Lean and Flow process improvement is that all work can be understood and analyzed as a process or series of processes. In non-manufacturing environments, we will focus on the “transaction” or customer deliverable to understand process capability and optimization.

Optimize the Flow of Your Process

Data is gathered to describe the process, so it can be re-engineered to eliminate wasted activity and focus on delivering the desired results in the most efficient manner. This is as true of a service or administrative process as it is of a manufacturing operation.

Flexibility = Productivity

The key to maximum productivity is a well-designed process run by trained and flexible employees who can follow simple signals that tell them where their skills are most needed at any given time.

Let Us Help

Our 4 day Lean Flow Fundamentals class includes applications for both manufacturing and service processes. We can custom design a specific program for your business.

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