How Lean fits within the DMAIC Methodology

Lean Six Sigma and the DMAIC Roadmap

Accelerating Process Breakthroughs With Lean: What It Takes

Define (Organize)

  • Establish Steering Committee
  • Write Charter and Identify Champion
  • Identify Overall Project Leader
  • Establish Project Teams and Leaders
  • Hold Initial Training and Kickoff Meetings
  • Define Metrics and Determine Baselines

Measure (Process Data Collection)

  • Document Process Maps and Product Flows
  • Gather Product to Process Relationships Data (Time,Quantities, Transactions)
  • Quantify Rework, Scrap, Redundancy and Optional Flow Paths
  • Document Hidden Processes / Individual “Non-Formalized” Tools used
  • Define Design Volumes Tied to Business Strategy (Customer Driven Capacity)
  • Create Expanded SOPs
  • Identify Current Quality Criteria and Related Issues

Analyze (Plan Process Layout)

  • Analyze Value Added and Sequential vs. Parallel Activity
  • Identify Process Families
  • Calculate Takt Time and Resource Requirements
  • Define Unit, Materials, or Output and Kanban / Signal Requirements
  • Define Work Groupings and Operational Definition
  • Create Optimized Process Flow
  • Validate Process Design
  • Review Future Capability vs. Business Strategy

Improve (Physical Change)

  • Finalize Process Documentation
  • Training of Supervisors and Individuals working in the Processes
  • Implement Signal and Kanban Strategy
  • Physically Change Process Layout
  • Implement Employee Flexibility and Training Plan
  • Create SOPs, Visual Work Methods
  • Verify Flow Meets Expectations
  • Link Cross Functionally

Control (Maintain Lean Six Sigma Operation)

  • Ongoing Training and Reinforcement Plans, with Employee Certification
  • Verify Training to SOPs and Use of Work Methods at Each Operation
  • Ongoing Metrics and Reporting Responsibilities
  • Implementation of Control Charts and Monitoring
  • Verify Change Control Process
  • Daily Operations Management

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