Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) event (3-5 days) – Ideal for mapping the flow of material or information from customer request to customer delivery, spanning multiple departments and organizations. A great approach when you are just starting out, so you can decide which areas should be worked on first. Requires considerable preparation work to gather data for each major process step prior to the event. During the event, training is provided, go and see (gemba walk) is conducted, then Current State VSM is created. Wastes and opportunities are identified on the map, and an Ideal state map is developed. A future state map (6-12 months in the future) is developed, based on the gaps from Ideal State and Current State. The end result is a Future State VSM, with a list of opportunities with assignees and due dates for improvement, in order to move the process closer to the Future State.

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