Six Sigma Training in San Francisco, CA

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Six Sigma Training in San Francisco

Companies of all types can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, from retailers, to communications, technology, manufacturing, entertainment and eateries. With other major metropolitan areas in close proximity, the market has become increasingly competitive in recent decades. For this reason, Six Sigma training for San Francisco, California businesses provides many benefits.

This tried and true methodology has been proven to be most effective in improving business processes in thousands of companies across the country and internationally. In ultra-competitive markets like San Francisco, every dollar counts, and with inefficient processes in place, your company could be leaking dollars and losing profitability.

Six Sigma training for San Francisco businesses is effective because it is both data-driven and specific. Originally developed by IBM in the 1980s to improve manufacturing methods, the methods your workers will learn in training will help to attack defects in your business systems, repair them, and work to ensure they do not happen again.

A quality training program will offer all five “belt” certifications that distinguish the essential roles of your staff. For example, a white belt certification exists to quickly educate workers how to be most efficient and apply Six Sigma methods to daily tasks and duties. This will only require one day of training because it is the most basic Six Sigma training for San Francisco workers. A yellow belt program follows is similar, but provides slightly more preparation because workers will support other employees that are part of a project team.

Those who will be project team members should receive a green belt certification, which provides appropriate efficiency training to achieve the desired results in such settings. Furthermore, black belt training provides management the tools needed to lead project teams effectively, and apply the Six Sigma methods in an ongoing manner to stay on top of efficiency for the future. Master black belts oversee several different projects.

Because of its comprehensive nature, Six Sigma training provides San Francisco businesses a great number of ongoing benefits. Of course, business leaders must select the best training company to achieve the best results. Look for a company that provides on-site training, in addition to classroom training and online programs. Because Six Sigma is all about improving business processes, the training program should be efficient as well. The right company can fit your businesses needs and give your workers the tools they need to help your business compete in San Francisco.

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