Online Root Cause Analysis Training

Our Root Cause Analysis Online training gives you the knowledge and skills needed to solve real-world problems whether you’re working alone or as part of a team. You will get a solid grasp of the relationship between causes and effects and suggest fact-based and data-driven solutions that will lead to course correction and the improvement of organizational processes.

The Online RCA training will benefit anyone who has been tasked with solving a problem in their organization. You will be able to be a functional member of the problem-solving team and aid in the creation, implementation and standardization of measures that lead to long-lasting gains. This means being able to detect the problem, gather facts (for a comprehensive analysis), create theories, identify the root cause and eliminate it indefinitely.

6Sigma.us RCA online training offers a globally recognized certificate that is obtainable over 90 days. You will learn all the tools and techniques under the RCA umbrella, as well as when and how to use them. You will even be provided with downloadable files and templates that can be modified and adapted to meet your problem-solving needs.

Interested in Online Root Cause Analysis Training?

RCA Online Training

What You Will Learn

The RCA concepts will help you identify answers to the following questions:

  • How many problems are encountered each year? How many seem to recur?
  • How many have an unknown cause? How many have a known cause?
  • Is a team created to solve them? Does the team use a structured process?

Who Should Register Online Root Cause Analysis?

This program is for individuals, teams, and organizations that desire to institutionalize an operating system for structured problem-solving. Including but not limited to Operations Staff in manufacturing and service organizations, managers, process owners, and engineers.



Topics Covered:

  • What Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) is, why we need it and when to use it
  • Problem-Solving Process Flowchart (8D Roadmap)
  • Problems vs. Opportunities
  • Preventative Practices
  • Problem Detection & Specification
  • Problem Anatomy = |Should – Actual|*Risk
  • Causes to Determine
  • Cause Structures
  • Situation Appraisal
  • Known vs. Unknown Cause
  • Using Facts, Evidence & Assumptions
  • Interim Actions
  • Using a Team Approach
  • Risk Analysis Tools
  • Importance of Language
  • Cause-Effect Mapping Methods
  • Potential Cause Filters and Generators
  • Human Error
  • Choosing the Best Solution Profile
  • Solution Validation
  • Exercises & Case Studies

You will be introduced to the following concepts:

Present State Scenario:

1. A problem is detected
2. Everyone sees pieces of the true picture
3. Many pieces could be assumptions, not facts
4. Each piece generates theories and supporting evidence is gathered
5. Each theory is consistent with its piece and so becomes “worth looking into”
6. This feels right because everyone’s doing something to solve the problem

Present State Audit:

• A fragmented picture and assumption-based theories drive problem-solving activities
• No procedure for bringing all the pieces together
• No procedure for separating assumptions from facts
• No procedure for using the facts to find the cause

Future State “Lean Problem-Solving” Scenario:

1. A problem is detected
2. Everyone knows what facts to gather to see the whole picture
3. Facts and evidence are used as a filter to reject the theories that don’t explain the facts
4. Theories that explain the facts are worth looking into
5. This feels right because every theory that gets rejected is time and money saved
6. The filter is also a “theory generator” that leads us to the cause
7. A solution profile is developed for sustainable results

What You Will Receive

  • Access to the online Root Cause Analysis training for 90 days in our online Learning Center portal
  • Access to the online RCA manual, delivered using LockLizard for secure access
  • Downloadable library of RCA templates and files to use and modify as you see fit
  • Certificate of completion upon successfully passing the final comprehensive exam
  • Please note there are no refunds once the program has been started or 7 Days after purchase.

A printed copy of the slides used during the presentation can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the US for $70.


4.8/5 based on 12 reviews
  • It was a very detailed and thorough course. I really liked it!

    Abelardo Gutierrez del Toro | 5

  • This is a very good course. I loved how you could do it at your own pace since I am a Maintenance Manager and I have to work all hours.

    Adam Davis | 5

  • Great way to learn Root Cause Analysis.

    Bryan Vargas Santiago | 5

  • Good Course, Lots of material to cover and remember but once finished, all information tied together nicely.

    Bryan Whitehead | 5

  • Was overall satisfied with this course

    Edgar Dominguez | 5

  • Course was very good in helping me make changes to my daily processes.

    Elliott Johnson | 5

  • The course was good and very helpfull on how to find the 5 why's on any situations that I may need to resolve in the future.

    Evelio Solis | 5

  • at the beggining of this cours Ihave some problems understanding some words and have some issues ansuering my questions but finally Ican finished this courrse. thanks you much for all this educational material.

    Maria Mendoza | 5


    Michele Etienne | 5

  • The RCA course really helped provide the tools needed for sucessfull RCA towards my job. I am excited to apply it towards my work issues to help improve our OTD and products.

    Veronica Rodriguez | 5