Six Sigma Online Root Cause Analysis Training

Six Sigma Online Root Cause Analysis Methods Training – Only $350 with access for 90 Days

This self-paced online program provides the opportunity to be certified with the completion of a live project. 

The Root Cause Analysis concepts will give you the tools needed to identify answers to the following questions:
• How many problems occur each year? Which problems are recurring?
• Of these problems, how many have unknown causes, and how many have a known cause(s)?
• Do we have a team dedicated to solving the problems? Is there a structured process for the team?

RCA is appropriate for anyone that wants to institutionalize an operating system for structured problem-solving into their organization, department, etc.

You will be introduced to the following concepts:

Present State Scenario:
1. A problem is detected
2. Everyone sees pieces of the true picture
3. Many pieces could be assumptions, not facts
4. Each piece generates theories and supporting evidence is gathered
5. Each theory is consistent with its piece and so becomes “worth looking into”
6. This feels right because everyone’s doing something to solve the problem

Present State Audit:
• A fragmented picture and assumption-based theories drive problem-solving activities
• No procedure for bringing all the pieces together
• No procedure for separating assumptions from facts
• No procedure for using the facts to find the cause

Future State “Lean Problem-Solving” Scenario:
1. A problem is detected
2. Everyone knows what facts to gather to see the whole picture
3. Facts and evidence are used as a filter to reject the theories that don’t explain the facts
4. Theories that explain the facts are worth looking into
5. This feels right because every theory that gets rejected is time and money saved
6. The filter is also a “theory generator” that leads us to the cause
7. A solution profile is developed for sustainable results

No prior experience is required. You may earn 18 PDUs and/or 1.8 CEUs upon successful completion. You may learn more or register for the training here:

Root Cause Analysis Training — Online